Thursday, March 04, 2010

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council Will Repair The Damaged Roads

First the flooding then the severe winter, there is little wonder that some of our roads, that were never designed for today's HGVs, are breaking up.

This is not a matter of filling in potholes, some sections of road are so damaged they will have to be rebuilt.

The cost of highway maintenance is funded through road tax, however the amount the Labour Government pays back to local authorities is much less than they take in taxation and not sufficient to maintain the roads.

The cost to repair and rebuild our damaged roads will be huge, and it will take time, but East Riding of Yorkshire Conservative councillors have made a pledge that we will undertake this work.

We are not waiting for the damage to be reported, the council has a crack team out every day filling potholes as they go around - I think this is very much a common sense, practical short term solution as we can not repair properly until the weather allows, and the full extent to the damage is known.

Expect to see road works accross the East Riding soon as the weather improves.

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Anonymous said...

I had to smile when I noticed the teams lorry was parked on the edge of the pavement. Were they making more work to ensure continuity of employment? :-)