Friday, March 26, 2010

Howdenshire Policing Update

Please find the following update of Policing issues affecting Howdenshire, and information regarding meetings and surgeries. More information on the local crime scene is also available of the Humberside Police Website.

1. Priority

Issue: - Anti-social behaviour on Scalby Lane, Gilberdyke

Action: - Following complaints of Anti-social behaviour the team are actively working to reduce incidents of this nature in order to improve the quality of life for the residents of Gilberdyke.
Anyone witnessing anti-social behaviour is asked to call in with details. Howdenshire Neighbourhood Policing team will aim to respond to all calls for service in relation to this priority. Any incidents that are not attended will be investigated and followed up by the team.

Positive action will be taken against anyone engaging in anti-social behaviour.
East Riding of Yorkshire council anti-social behaviour team also investigate reports of anti-social behaviour the 2 teams will be working together along with other agencies to target the issue. Howden and Howdenshire Neighbourhood action team have also recently completed an anti-social behaviour project.

In December 2009, 3 local youths were issued with final warnings 2 of these were for section 5 public order offences and the other for criminal damage. A further youth has been charged with criminal damage to a window he appeared at Goole youth court on 26th January where he pleaded not guilty a trial will be held in April 2010. Another male juvenile also appeared at Goole Youth Court on 26th January where he was convicted of a section 5 public order offence and received a 4 month referral order.

Regular patrols are being conducted in the area and talks will be given in local schools.
An anti-social behaviour surgery was held on Wednesday 17th February, between 5pm and 7.30pm.

2. Priority

Issue: - Non-dwelling burglaries, Canal Side, Newport

Action: - The last 3 months have seen an increase in burglaries specifically along Canal side, Newport. Offenders have broken into sheds, garages and outbuildings and stolen items of property from within.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have attended and conducted scene visits and offered crime prevention advice to all victims of crime. They have conducted house to house enquiries and encouraged people to ring in reporting anything or anyone acting in a suspicious manner.

Scenes of crime officers have also attended the scenes to try and obtain forensic evidence.

A number of shed alarms have been given to residents and crime prevention leaflets posted to all residents of canal side, anyone who would like a visit to discuss home security can contact the team and an appointment will be made to visit you at your home address.
Extra patrols have been conducted by our colleagues on incident response teams who are actively patrolling the area on a night time; they will be specifically targeting areas vulnerable to crime and will be stopping and checking people in the area.

In January a resident of Canal Side telephoned police reporting 3 males pushing a motor cycle, he thought this was suspicious due to the time of night and the recent burglaries in the area. Officers attended and recovered the motor cycle which had been stolen and was reunited with its owner, the males had already left the scene; enquiries are ongoing to identify and deal with these males.

Members of the Neighbourhood Action team attended at Newport village hall on Saturday 13th February they offered crime prevention advice and materials and were visited by a number of Newport residents. A comprehensive action plan is in place to target the burglaries.

3. Priority

Issue: - Poaching in Broomfleet

Action: - The team will patrol rural areas and check any suspicious persons and vehicles. Officers will attend calls for service and deal appropriately with offenders, if we are unable to attend or the offenders have left prior to our arrival, evidence from informants will be gathered and action taken.

There is an active farm watch in the area that the team are in regular contact with.

Dedicated patrols to target poaching were carried out in December and will continue into 2010, our presence will not only deter activity but also allow us to rapidly respond to any reports that come in.

A number of warning letters have been sent out to persons who have been acting suspiciously in the area and officers have also seized dogs and vehicles of persons committing offences.

Officers attended all reports of poaching in this area in the month of February.

4. Offenders brought to justice

At 4.10 am on 23rd November 2009, police were called to North Cave by a local resident who had heard a vehicle driving up a private road which leads to the back of the church.
Police Officers attended in the area and conducted a search for the vehicle and located 3 males and a trailer containing lead.

All 3 males were arrested on suspicion of theft of lead from the church roof, all 3 males have been charged with theft of the lead and appeared at Beverley Magistrates court on 4th February 2010, the case has been adjourned and the males were bailed to return to Beverley Magistrates Court on 19th March 2010.

There has recently been a spate of criminal damage offences in Gilberdyke, one male has been interviewed in relation to this and has admitted his involvement in the offence. The youth offending team have worked with this male and he has recently received a final warning for the offence. 2 further juveniles from Gilberdyke, have also been referred to the youth offending team and have received final warnings for offensive behaviour towards a member of the public whilst on their way home from school. One of these youths has since been charged with criminal damage after a window was damaged by a snowball, he has appeared at Goole magistrates and pleaded not guilty a trial will be held in April 2010.

A further youth was arrested in Gilberdyke, on 22nd January 2010 for a section 5 public order offence, he has been charged and appeared at Goole Youth Court on 27th January 2010 where he was given a 4 month referral order and ordered to pay £85 costs.

3 other Gilberdyke youths have also been dealt with for a number of shop thefts from the Triangle garage, 2 of them have received reprimands and the third has been referred to the Youth Offending Team and will receive a final warning for his involvement.

A male juvenile from Howden has been charged with shop theft after stealing items from the Triangle Garage in Newport in October, he appeared at Goole youth court in January and was given an absolute discharge and ordered to pay £5.67 costs.

A local male and female have been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm following an incident in Sandholme in July, where the victim was assaulted by 2 people one of whom had a baseball bat, the male was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon. Both have appeared at Goole Magistrates court for the offences the case has been referred to the crown court and a date is to be fixed for this trial.

A male has been charged with assault after he punched a fellow player during a game of football in Holme Upon Spalding Moor in October 2009. The offender admitted to the punch stating ‘he lost it’, the victim had a fractured Jaw as a result of the assault. The offender will appear at Beverley Magistrates court on 5th March 2010.

2 cautions and a fixed penalty notice were issued in November and December for offences of criminal damage and public order in Bubwith.

A local male has been charged with assault and criminal damage following an incident at the Black Swan, Eastrington, the male appeared at Goole Magistrates Court on 2nd March 2010, and an update will be provided next month.

Operation Verain came to the Newport area in January, the operation involves a number of multi agency tasks in the Humberside area. Officers work in partnership with the DVLA, HM Revenue and Customs and East Riding of Yorkshire Council to crack down on illegal motorists. A total of 43 vehicles were stopped in a 4 hour period out of these 21 were found to have defects, 12 vehicle defect requests were issued this requires the driver to have the defect rectified and then present it at an MOT centre to have it checked. 2 endorsable fixed penalty notices were issued, and 4 non-endorsable fixed penalty notices. Other drivers were given verbal warnings.

A vehicle was stopped in North Cave at 0135 hours on 23rd January 2010; the driver was checked and found to be over the prescribed alcohol limit for driving, he was also driving without a substantive driving license or insurance. The male has been charged with all of the offences and appeared at Beverley Magistrates Court on 4th February 2010, he was given a £233 fine and a 12 month driving ban. The vehicle was also seized.

On 19th January 2010, another vehicle was seen acting suspiciously in the North Cave area, officers stopped the vehicle and the driver did not have a substantive driving license or insurance to drive the vehicle, the officers seized the car. Both the male driver and the passenger were arrested and have been charged with possession of Class B drugs. Both appeared at Beverley Magistrates court on 4th February 2010, the driver was fined a total of £250 and the passenger was fined £65 and ordered to pay £85 court costs.

On 27th January 2010, a male was stopped and searched by officers on patrol in the Everthorpe area; he was found to have a small quantity of cannabis in his possession and was issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice.

On 13th February 2010, 2 officers were travelling home from work along the A614 towards Howden, when they saw a caravan being pulled by a Mitsubishi Shogun, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and following a number of crimes in the area they thought this appeared suspicious. The officers followed the vehicle and alerted their on duty colleagues, the shogun and caravan stopped in the Pollington area and the male driver who was alone was arrested for theft of the shogun from the Lancashire area and theft of the caravan from Barmby Moor, he is currently on police bail to return to Goole Police Station on 18th march 2010.
On 19th February 2010, a member of the public telephoned police to report a car being driven erratically on A164 at Holme Upon Spalding Moor towards Howden, officers located the vehicle and the driver was arrested and charged with driving whilst over the prescribed limit, driving with no insurance or driving license and taking a motor vehicle without the owners consent. The male appeared at Goole Magistrates court on 2nd March 2010 and an update will appear on this page next month.

On 23rd February 2010, a female from Eastrington, called police to report a road traffic collision on the road between Gilberdyke and Howden. Officers attended and located a vehicle in a ditch but the driver had left the scene, it was believed the driver may have been in drink officers eventually managed to locate the driver after members of his family had tried to hide him. The driver and a member of his family were both cautioned for obstructing a police officer and the driver is currently on police bail for the drink driving offence.

On 24th February 2010, PC Lee stopped a vehicle in Newport for a routine check the driver was found to have no insurance or current driving licence, the vehicle was seized and the driver will be summonsed to court for the offences.

On 1st March 2010, a local farmer from Holme Upon Spalding Moor detained 2 males for stealing diesel; the 2 males were arrested and are currently on police bail until 11th March 2010.
Following an altercation at an address in Eastrington on 28th February 2010, 2 adults have been issued with police cautions for common assault.

PC Lee of the neighbourhood team has been out and about at various locations within the Howdenshire ward with speed detection equipment he has issued a number of tickets for speeding offences and offered verbal warnings to other drivers.

5. Meetings

Residents are invited to attend any of the below meetings:

Police Surgery. Means: an opportunity for you to meet privately with a member of the neighbourhood team to discuss any policing issue of concern. This is a drop-in event so you may have to wait a few minutes.
Police and Communities Together Meeting . This is a public meeting where the police and other public authority representatives will be present. Its main purpose is to determine what the local priorities for action over the next three moths will be. It gives members of the public an opportunity to raise their concerns and influence those decisions. The next meeting is on 22nd July 2010 at Howden.
Street Briefing. This means that the whole neighbourhood team will be briefed on current problems in the area and tasked to deal with them. The public can meet with the officers and be informed about how they can help with these issues.

Type: Police Surgery

Venue: Howden Library, Shire Hall, Market Place

Date: Monday 8th March 2010

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Type: Police Surgery

Venue: Howden Library, Shire Hall, Market Place

Date: Monday 12th April 2010

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Type: Crime Prevention Morning

Venue: North Cave Playing Fields

Date: Saturday 20th March 2010

Time: 10am to 12 noon

Type: Police Surgery

Venue: North Cave Reading Rooms

Date: Monday 19th April 2010

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Type: Police Surgery

Venue: Howden Library, Shire Hall, Market Place

Date: Monday 17th May 2010

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Type: Police Surgery

Venue: Howden Library, Shire Hall, Market Place

Date: Monday 21st June 2010

Time: 6pm to 8pm

6. News and Appeals

The neighbourhood action team have recently completed an anti social behaviour project in the Howden and Howdenshire area, the project involved engaging with the younger and older generations and asking for their views on anti-social behaviour. A number of issues have been raised and hopefully they will assist us in tackling anti-social behaviour.

The current project the team are working on is a crime prevention initiative; members of the team will be visiting locations in the ward to give crime prevention advice and hand out leaflets and materials to members of the public.

Local PCSO’s will visit victims of crime, conduct scene enquires and offer crime prevention advice, anyone who like a PCSO to visit them and discuss crime prevention can contact the team and a visit will be arranged.

Following an increase in vehicle crime in the East Riding local officers are conducting daily checks in areas vulnerable to vehicle crime, letters are also been sent to vehicle keepers who leave their vehicles vulnerable to vehicle crime, please protect your vehicle by following these easy crime prevention tips;

Some of the advice may sound obvious, but it could make all the difference if you follow it consistently.
1. Don't leave items on display
Never leave anything on display when you leave your vehicle. Even an old coat or a plastic bag can tempt a thief.
2. Use immobilisers
Electronic engine immobilisers prevent your vehicle from starting and are the best way to stop thieves. They should be professionally fitted - either by your car dealer or by an installer approved by the Vehicle Systems Installation Board.
3. Park safely
When parking at home, always use your garage if you have one, and lock both your vehicle and your garage. If you don't have a garage, try to park in a well-lit, open place.
4. Buy a steering wheel lock
Use a steering wheel lock every time you leave your vehicle.
5. Get an alarm fitted
Alarms can deter thieves not only from stealing your vehicle, but also from taking items from it. You can get more information about alarms, immobilisers and other security devices by phoning the Vehicle Security National Helpline on 0870 5502006 or the Sold Secure Helpline on 01327 264687.
6. Secure your wheels
Locking wheel nuts are cheap, easy to fit and stop thieves from taking your wheels.
7. Etch your vehicle identification number onto surfaces
Have your vehicle registration number or the last seven digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched onto all windows, both windscreens and your headlamps.
8. Mark your equipment
Mark all your equipment, like your car stereo, with your vehicle registration number.

If you have any suspicions, please notify the police immediately on 0845 6060222.


Anonymous said...

A more effective car crime prevention device can be seen here

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy one of those trunk monkeys?

Kev Owen said...

When will your team be discussing methods of curtailing the actions of a number of the local driving population who regularly engage in the game of 'Beat you to Thornton Dam Lane' along the west bound carriageway of the B1230?
The speed limits take a back seat for those who want to get there ahead of the car in front and quite honestly some of the driving by those engaged in this stupid past time is nothing less than dangerous.
I'd like to add that entry into this 'game' is not restricted to the younger echelons of the Newport/Gilberdyke driving contingent either.
A little pro-active Policing wouldn't go amiss to stop this sort of behaviour before it escalates into a serious accident occurring.