Saturday, March 13, 2010

Appeal victory over access road linking Newport’s Thimble Hall Lane and Canal Side West

Things are moving forward for Newport residents who have been denied motor vehicle access to the M62 accommodation road linking Thimble Hall Lane and Canal Side West by two large gates installed by the Hull and District Angler’s Association (HDAA), who claimed to own the road. A recent successful appeal to the government’s inspector instructed the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to make an order to re-open the road.

(Pictured with Richard Bates and my fellow Councillor Charlie Bayram)

At present the two large metal gates at each end prevents anyone from using the road that has been in Public daily use for over 20 years. Signs on the gates declare it is a Private Road and that there is “No Unauthorised Access”. Local horse riders and even motorised scooters, used by some of Newport’s disabled residents, cannot get through the narrow gap that has been left.

A local resident commented to me that anglers seeking peace and tranquillity have been coming to Newport over many years for the excellent fishing in and around the village. They have always been welcome but that has now changed. By erecting these locked gates the Angler’s Association have provoked a great deal of anger and hostility towards the Anglers and made them and the HDAA very unwelcome here.

If the Hull and District Angler’s Association (who I’m led to believe do own the adjacent pond) had wanted to ingratiate themselves to local residents then this heavy handed approach is surely the last thing to embark upon.

The road was originally constructed as an access road during the construction of the M62 and runs alongside. If we were to see a repeat of last year’s accident with an HGV crashing off the motorway along this section, I would not like to think that the emergency services were prevented from reaching a victim because of these gates. Therefore it is essential the gates be removed as soon as possible.

Clearly the gates were installed against the wishes of many Newport residents, local horse riders, and certainly against the wishes of Newport Parish Council who have been fighting to have the gates removed. I fully support the residents and the Parish Council, it is clearly not acceptable and the gates should be removed at once.

An appeal against this has been successful, and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has to go through the legal process to reclaim the road, but as with most things legal this will take time. Much credit goes to Newport Parish Council and especially Parish Cllr Richard Bate in mounting the successful appeal


John in Gilberdyke said...

Richard should be given some kind of public recognition for the tremendous amount of research and work he has personally put into this matter and his defence of the interests of local residents right of way. I thank and thoroughly applaud him!

Anonymous said...

The same association were mentioned in your blog of June last year. Are they still selling tickets for something which apparently does not belong to them?
One contributor suggested the police should investigate this. As chairman of the police committee can you tell us if anything is under investigation or if the matter was even referred to the police?

Les & Sandra Waddingham said...

This is excellent news, this road was contructed to allow the round trip which was removed with construction of the motorway. I got caught out by it whilst at home over Christmas, and was amazed to find that even though it's blocked off there is no way to turn around a large vehicle, what would happen if the emergency services got down there as in Pauls example and couldn't turn around can you imagine backing a fire engine half way down canal side west while someones house burns...

Anonymous said...

As the bariers (gates) are illegal presumably anyone with the will can force a way through?

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting and really wonder what motivates the various people involved in this project.Many don't live in the village and are trying to open a road which goes now where.

Said people don't communicate with the residents who would be directly affected by re creating this rat run for school runs and car drivers leaving the village pubs the back way late at night.

Every village should have a promenading route, where it is safe for families to amble ideally in pleasant surrounding.In Newport Canal Side West is that venue, the parish council have created a park at either end of it and are talking about putting seating all along the canal bank. Mixed up thinking is an understatement.

Surley various local counsellors would do their communities a better service by listening and being proactive.