Sunday, March 21, 2010

Action on North Cave to South Cave footpath and road repairs

Before and After

The issue of the footpath running between North Cave and South Cave has been a long standing issue, with the path deteriorating over the years, making it very difficult for pedestrians and mobility scooters to travel between the two communities. This was highlighted to me by North Cave Parish Council, and Parish Council Chairman Steve Skipsea brought it to the Goole and Howdenshire Action Team, which in turn supported the case and coordinated the solution with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council funding the repairs and improvements.

It took a lot of work by all those involved but this has certainly been justified when we see people from North Cave safely walking or riding their mobility scooters along this improved path, particularly when visiting the South Cave Health Centre.

Many will have noticed the repairs and replacement of damaged kerbs carried out in North Cave’s Westgate. This was again highlighted to me as a long standing, and somewhat dangerous situation by Parish Council Chairman Steve Skipsey, we again brought the issue to the Local Action Team. A solution and funding was found, although the original plan was to replace the damaged stone kerbs with concrete kerbing, this was not acceptable and with a ‘little persuasion’ the East Riding of Yorkshire Council replaced the damaged kerbstones with like-for-like stone.

Much of the credit for this work goes to North Cave Parish Council Chairman Steve Skipsey pictured here.

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John in Gilberdyke said...

I've just driven along the road and the improvement is evident, however I do wonder about the yawning chasm to the hedge side of the path about 3 or 4 hundred metres towards North Cave from the prison? Is it a bear trap?