Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Councillors Paul Robinson and Caroline Fox Resign from Fire Service Review Panel

With David Davis MP outside Goole Fire Station

Cllrs Paul Robinson and Caroline Fox have resigned from the ERYC’s Review Panel, which is presently considering the Humberside Fire Brigade’s proposals to re-structure the Brigade locally, in order that they can publicly campaign against the cuts. The proposal is for Goole to replace one of the full-time pumps at Goole with a retained pump.

Paul, said, “After taking evidence on the first day of the panel hearings last Friday, it became apparent that Caroline and I could better represent our local residents by resigning from the panel so that we could publicly oppose the cuts”.

“We believe that members of the Humberside Fire Authority will be playing fast and loose with the safety of our local communities if they vote through the cuts as proposed. Goole Fire Station provides much of the cover for Howdenshire and I now want to campaign publicly with our local MP David Davis, Prospective Goole MP Andrew Percy, the Fire Brigades Union, and local councillors from ALL parties who are also working very hard to fight these cuts”.

Due to the distances involved in getting to rural communities such as Gilberdyke, Rawcliffe and Holme-on-Spalding Moor, our rural communities are even more at risk as a result of these proposals. The response time of the second pump would increase meaning that it could take much longer for that pump to respond.”

Caroline adds, “The evidence we heard on the first day of the panel was so convincingly against the cuts that I personally felt that as my own ward would be deeply affected by the proposals, it would be better if I removed myself from the panel to help assist the campaign to save the two pumps at Goole.

I find it bizarre in the extreme that in just a couple of years the Humberside Fire Brigade has gone from designating parts of rural East Yorkshire according to different risks to designating practically all of our rural communities as low risk. Given the new housing and development that is taking place in our communities I would have thought that the Fire Authority would be looking at improving the fire cover locally, not reducing it.”

Paul and Caroline add, “We feel so strongly about these proposals that we’ve decided we need to speak out on behalf of our local communities. We will now join with Councillors of ALL parties who have opposed these cuts and we hope that our opposition will act as a warning to Councillors on the Fire Authority that our communities will not take proposals to cut our local services lightly. We must all continue to work together to ensure that the Fire Authority sees sense and listen to the massive opposition to these cuts.”
David Davis MP added, "I welcome Paul and Caroline's principles in resigning from the panel, they will now have more time to oppose the ill thought out cuts that are a potential for disaster. These cuts will directly impact on Howden and Howdenshire in my constituency which rely on cover from Goole Fire Station. That is why I am happy to join the campaign against these proposals. I would urge as many local people as possible to make their voices heard on this important issue."

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Holme on Spalding Moor Community Composting Proposal - A Positive Step!

Composting, which, if done correctly is certainly a way forward and to compost green household waste is to be welcomed as a positive step in reducing landfill, and the work currently being done by some green waste composters and by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) in this area is to be applauded. The recent application submitted to the ERYC by the Community Group in HOSM to set up a small-scale village project to compost garden and green kitchen waste produced by the village has my wholehearted support. It is not only an environmentally friendly way of recycling green household waste but is income generating, providing ongoing funding for community projects within HOSM. This project fits very well with, and compliments the ERYC 'Brown Bin' pilot project to be rolled out in two areas of the East Riding in the near future.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is very to keen to help set up community composting schemes. It is a preferred way of disposing of green waste.

This project, if approved, will not cost the community of HOSM a penny but instead money is contributed for each ton of compost produced, this can then be reinvested in projects within the community. It is hoped to compost up to 100 tons per year.

ERYC is offering “not for profit” groups or parish councils the chance to apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to start a community composting scheme within the East Riding of Yorkshire. In addition, a constituted community composting group which diverts household green waste from landfill will be given a payment per tonne of material collected, then an additional payment if they compost the material at their own site. This payment is known as a Community Composting Credit.

I've added below the details of the ERYC composting officer to this post as requested:

For further information please contact Stephen Hall the Community Composting Officer on 01482 391752 or email