Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Speed Limit on the B1230 between Howden and Gilberdyke

Since the autumn of last year I have had many people asking me questions regarding the mysterious 30mph speed limit on the B1230 between Balkholme and the Eastrington turn off, on the Howden to Gilberdyke section.

The temporary speed restriction was requested by the Highways Agency, after carrying out a risk assessment for the temporary diversion of the Bridal path onto the B1230 road, to allow the reconstruction of the bridge over the M62, whilst still allowing the path to be used for horses and others.

I did raise my concerns with the Highways Agency during the first week of the speed limit period regarding the lack of signage warning of the approaching speed limit when coming from Howden, and to their credit the agency did respond by placing additional warning signs near the top of Balkholme flyover

When the reasoning behind the limit is explained as it being mainly for horses, the question often turns to a complaint or criticism.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Highways Engineer explained to me that, “The low level of bridal way use does not in its self remove the need for placing the restriction. Where figures are not available, assumptions can be made that will air on the side of caution. The restriction will be lifted at the completion of the works at the end of March/early April”.

I have also spoken to my friend and fellow East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Matthew Grove, the Portfolio Holder for Highway Safety at the Council who says:

"Unfortunately some people welcome speed restrictions that protect their family in their village, but oppose similar restrictions that protect other users of the highway in adjacent areas. As an authority we are highly committed to reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured which stood at 276 last year. The temporary reduction in speed on the B1230 is in line with this priority and I believe justified".

He continues,

"I have received similar complaints to this, concerning school safety zones that reduce speed limits to 20 mph, 24 hours a day, which irritates some residents. My response is that speed limits have to be permanent due to the legislation, but that the police enforce speed restrictions sensibly using risk assessment and will not enforce 20mph school zones at night etc".

Finally I would like to add, I have not seen a single horse using this section of the B1230 as a bridle way during the time the limit has been in place, nor have any of the people who have contacted me. In fact it appears to me this section of road would be very dangerous at this time of year for horses and riders, even with the traffic travelling at 30mph, but I can see the logic in catering for them providing we don’t see accidents as some drivers slow down - only for others not to... there is also the serious issue of a 60mph limit coming down instantly to a 30 mph, as many have commented.

Happy New Year to all readers

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all my Blog readers a Happy New Year and thank you for all your support during the past year. It has been an interesting year for me as an East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor (ERYC) representing Howdenshire, with a number of local issues that I've been involved with, many of which I've been fortunate to work closely with Parish Councillors, residents and community groups, on issues ranging from Planning to underage drinking and anti-social behaviour, from composting to speeding traffic, and working with my partners to develop the Goole and Howdenshire Local Action Team.

As we move into the New Year my priorities for the year include

* To continue to work with the Police, the ERYC Safer Communities Team, and other organisations to reduce underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in the area.

* To continue to work with Parish Councillors, residents and Community Groups to ensure their voices are heard, and that decisions that affect them are taken at the local level wherever possible.

* To continue to work to ensure that there is a range of affordable housing accommodation options available to all, especially in rural communities such as we find in many parts of Howdenshire and the East Riding.

* To continue to work with the ERYC and its partners in finding ways of allowing older and vulnerable people to be supported to live independently.

* To support the ERYC in ensuring that the area is best placed to come out of the present recession, and helping residents directly by keeping council tax as low as possible, without cutting services in the coming years.

and finally for all of you who remember 1984.. please click on the following link for probably the most uplifting ad of 2009, so far..... Happy New Year!