Monday, December 06, 2010

Snow and Gritting update for the East Riding on Monday 6 December 08.45am

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council carried out a full treatment of main roads across the East Riding last night and again in the early hours of this morning. Road surface temperatures reached -11'C and at 07.00am were still -7'C across the whole of the East Riding. Forecasters indicate that temperatures will remain below freezing all day and generally dry. So ice is the real issue together with compact hard snow on the minor roads which will continue to be difficult for our residents to navigate.

We have sent the fleet of gritters out again this morning to plough and salt the secondary network as required. This will help get more of the network accessible and get people moving.

We continue to deploy resources on digging out snow once again to get a road into some isolated villages which had become cut off: Sledmere, Kirkby Underdale and Huggate areas. We made good progress in other areas on Saturday and Sunday.

Street sweeping staff are out filling salt bins and removing snow from high use pedestrian areas..
Bin Collections

Staff are out collecting wheeled bins this morning and they will collect where they can get access and do there very best.

The Garden Waste Collection Service has been suspended for this week. Garden Waste Collections are currently on a two weekly collection frequency and it is considered that due to the poor weather experienced over the last two weeks there will be only limited participation in the scheme. Suspending collections of the brown bins has allowed those collection vehicles and crews to be deployed in assisting other crews collecting the green and blue bins from properties that did not receive a collection last week due to the weather conditions.

Those properties that did not receive a collection of their Green Bin because of the weather conditions will receive a double collection on their next scheduled collection day.

Properties that did not receive a collection of their blue bins on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December will receive a collection on 8th, 9th and 10th December respectively. A revised blue bin text message has been sent informing those residents on the scheme of revised collections.

The next scheduled collections in the Brough organic trial area will take place on 15, 16, 17 December.

Overall we have a very steadily improving picture, but it is very cold and icy one.


Driver said...

I was pleased to see the Parish Council have had snow scraped from the roads where possible and the deep snow on the memorial hall car park has also been scraped. The ice was so compacted in parts the machine was unable to move it but the deeper parts were levelled. The build up of snow at the sides of Clementhorpe Road was moved making access for school traffic and the areas useable (with care).
The temperature ths afternoon was minus8 degrees so applying salt was pointless as it just doesnt work at such low temperatures.

Kev Owen said...

Paul,I'm pleased to hear things are improving although I have yet to witness it for myself. Perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places?

As you know I live in Goole (Jackson Street to be more precise) and I have to report that the back lanes look like Airmyn tip on ice with all the rubbish that has been dumped on top of packed frozen snow.
There are beds, mattresses, fridges, chairs in fact I have no doubt one could furnish a small house with items gleaned from the lanes.
I assume we shall all be treated to the usual warning letter from the council telling us that we shouldn't do such things. I think we've had three so far this year, another one will make it a quarterly publication. One which has slightly less notice taken of it than a flyer for a pork butchery in Tel Aviv.
It is really time the council started to clamp down on this fly tipping, the time for sending out more letters is past, more prosecutions are needed to drive it home to those who run roughshod over our rules and regulations that fly tipping in our back lanes is not allowed.
I understand that many bin collection crews were gainfully employed clearing snow and ice from Goole town shopping precincts whilst bins were unable to be collected.
I find it incredible that in this day and age there isn't at least one set of winter tyres to fit refuse wagons to enable them to do the rounds. Or that there isn't provision for a snow plough attachment to be fitted to a few council vehicles to reduce the incidence of frozen packed snow blocking roads and back lanes.
Or is it just that we prefer to be caught with our pants down every time we get a bit of snow and ice because it has become fashionable to do so?
Once upon a time councils had plenty of grit/rock salt, then global warming raised it's head so we bought less and less because we didn't need it. Now this global 'warming' is bringing back the cold and icy winters many of us (over the age of 45) remember from our youth, and we find ourselves unable to cope through lack of resources.

On another point re ice and snow and the problems it seems to be causing us again....
Gilberdyke Railway station...why haven't the rail network seen fit to clear snow and grit from the platforms or the entrance steps to this or many others stations in our area?
They are dangerous in the extreme. I can foresee many damages claims landing on the mat of Northern Rail if they don't do something quickly to make their stations safer.
Whilst I'm in 'full flow'...the 'roadway' (and I use that term in it's loosest sense) leading to the station is also dangerous...even in good weather it is full of suspension destroying pot-holes. Add some frozen snow on top and it is almost impassable either on foot or in a vehicle without some sort of damage to the 'undercarriage' being suffered by either man/woman or machine.
I don't know who is responsible for this track , but whoever it is needs taking to task over its condition and be made to repair it without undue delay.

Gilberdyke resident said...

To Kev, The road to Gilberdyke Railway Station is Network Rails responsibility from the platform to an old gatepost about in front of where the station hotel stood up until a while ago. From there to the bottom of the hill it is council but as usual it is like drawing teeth to get the highways department to acknowledge or do anything about it.
As a resident of Gilberdyke I am as irritated as you about the state of this access. Network Rail should also be castigated for not making provision for pushchairs, prams and wheelchairs on the Westbound platform.

Anonymous said...

I was told that Look North ran an article about the road clearing in Gilberdyke and to watch out for it. It didn't appear on my tv so I looked it up on iplayer today to find it was the Hull and Lincolnshire version of the program not the Leeds one which is what my tv aerial gets from the emley moor transmitter.

Paul Robinson said...

The link to Look North can be found at:

It's at 11 minutes in and I'm the one with the shovel!!