Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holme on Spalding Moor Primary School is deemed 'Outstanding' by OFSTED

Congratulations to the Headteacher Mark Alson, Teachers, Staff, Governors, Parents, and not forgetting the kids who have contributed to Holme on Spalding Moor Primary School achieving a fantastic OFSTED result recently.

In the inspection of Home-upon-Spalding Moor Primary in 2008 were reported as a good school with outstanding features. The school was delighted with that result, but are even more pleased that all the work of the past two years has now resulted in them being recognised officially as an OUTSTANDING school - one of the top 7%-8% schools in the country.

The following are some of the comments made about Holme on Spalding Moor Primary School by the Ofsted Inspectors:

This is an outstanding school.

It has an excellent Early Years Foundation Stage.

Pupils’ outstanding behaviour is a key factor in their success. They thoroughly enjoy their learning, work hard and play together energetically.

The school ripples with laughter because pupils find learning fun.

They have an outstanding awareness of how to keep themselves and others safe.

Their excellent health awareness is evident in their healthy eating choices and in the huge take-up for the many different extracurricular sports.

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.

Pupils have a keen interest in ethical issues and accept the rights of others to hold different values and beliefs.

The school’s outstanding partnerships with parents and carers, the parish and other organisations underpin pupils’ excellent contribution to the community and their all-round development.

The school takes outstanding care of all its pupils and gives them excellent support and guidance. This contributes to the school’s welcoming and purposeful atmosphere.

Every pupil is known and respected as an individual because the school promotes equal opportunities exceptionally well.

The school gives outstanding value for money.

Here are some of the comments which the children made to the Ofsted Inspectors:

When asked if he knew how to run away from the school, the boy looked surprised and responded,'why should you want to run away from this school?'

Younger pupils assured their teacher, ‘We’ve got our working heads on, not our talking heads.’

Pupils have a strong sense of community and are very capable and socially responsible. They respect each other’s needs and know exactly what to do if they have any worries. They point out that, ‘It is wrong to be racist and to make fun of people because they are different. Our school does not think it is funny and nor do we.’

There are no persistent absentees and very few holidays taken in term-time because as pupils say, ‘Learning is an enjoyable experience.’

Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and most lessons incorporate drama and games to keep pupils actively engaged in their learning. This is why pupils say, ‘Lessons are fun and really make you think.’

As well as acknowledging the key role of all the staff, the children, and the Governors of the school, we would like to thank the Friends Association and all the members of the village community who assist in so many ways to make the school the success it undoubtedly is.

A copy of the full OFSTED report can be found by clicking here

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Anonymous said...

Many congratulations to Holem Primary School - the the Headteacher, the staff and assistants and above all to the pupils for their hard work and good behaviour.