Friday, December 03, 2010

'Genuine power at a local level when it comes to Planning', says minister Greg Clark

When one looks at many Howdenshire villages and also others in the East Riding - it is abundantly clear that some have, and continue to suffer from problems associated with the current planning system, with many local people feeling that their voices are not heard when it comes to the needs of the area in which they life.

I was very pleased to read of a speech given by Localism minister Greg Clark when he said that the Coalition’s proposed planning reforms will mean a step-change in the role of planners.

In the speech to a Town and Country Planning Association conference, Clark argued that “planners have been the first victims of the flaws of the current planning system.

“Often, their job has involved much too much development control – saying yes and no to individual projects on a case by case basis – and too little genuine planning, thinking about the long-term needs of an area, talking to local people, and drawing up positive proposals for the future. Planners have become a lightning rod for people’s sense of frustration,” he said.

“Instead of being the agents of imposition, they should have much more scope to help local people articulate their vision for their town or village or neighbourhood,” Clark said.

He added: “There is significant change ahead for planning. Taken as a whole, our reforms will help get England out of the house building trough, make businesses see planning as a reason to invest, not a disadvantage, and give planners opportunity and encouragement to do what they do best: to create amazing, inspirational places.

“Above all they will give communities a far greater sense of ownership over decisions that make a big difference to their quality of life. They will allow for the exercise of genuine power at a local level; and put the ideals of the Big Society at the very heart of planning.”

The full text of the speech can be found by clicking here


Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap - lets see what actually happens - So far the planners havent covered themselves in glory about providing play areas on developments or stopping businesses making the end of Gilberdyke look like a scrap yard

Anonymous said...

There is a suggestion that planning type decisions for domestic
extensions/modifications might be made by a committee formed from your
neighbours rather that solely by the planners themselves.

Note that this is not the same as permitted development rights which are
a set of developments that can be carried out with NO planning
permission and are allowed by law nationwide rather than the whims of
the mood of the local planning committee at the time of application.

Sounds like another govt announcement/leak that at first sight sound
interestingly progressive but has yet to be thought through and given a
touch of reality.