Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Howdenshire Parish Councils take the lead in organising snow clearing & gritting

Many thanks to the Howdenshire Parish Councils for taking the lead in organising snow clearing and the gritting roads and footpaths over the past couple of weeks. Those residents who picked up shovels to clear snow and grit footpaths and streets independent of the Parish Councils should also be recognised for the tremendous work they did. Although the task was great as we had not seen the amount of snow or the freezing temperatures for many a year, and it was never going to be possible to remove the snow and ice from every street and footpath, the work carried out by communities has been humbling. It has also sent out a clear message that the ‘Compensation Culture’ is not going to stop communities working together to help each other in times of need. The £175,000 made available to Parish Councils by the East Riding Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and administered by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council was certainly welcome, and enabled equipment to be hired and grit to be purchased. North Cave Parish Council certainly took the lead and brought in snow clearing equipment and with a small team of volunteers cleared the snow and ice from a good number of streets within the village, primarily to allow people to be able to drive from their houses to the main roads running through the village. This work continued and well done to Parish Council Chairman Steve Skipsea for taking the initiative and all the other Parish Council volunteers and resident who ‘mucked in’ to help. Gilberdyke Parish Council saw volunteers working with equipment provided by a local farmer, and also employed a local contractor to remove the snow from the main village roads and to snow plough almost all the streets within the village. This removed the surplus snow to the side but unfortunately was a little too late to address the issue of the snow that had become packed and turned to ice. After many calls from residents the Parish Council then cleared the carpark and paths in front of the shops, with the landowner not only giving his consent, but also agreeing to pay for digger used to carry out the work. The Parish Council then purchased 4 tonnes of grit and a team of volunteer Parish Councillors, the road sweepers and residents spread it on numerous paths and roads in the village. This was then followed by clearing of packed snow and ice from footpaths and a number of the streets within the village using both a mini digger and JCB tractor. It was the priority to clear the footpath near the school and other key walking routes within the village. Those residents who were proactive in clearing snow and gritting footpaths did a fantastic job too. Holme on Spalding Moor Parish Council organised a team of volunteers including diggers and equipment provided by local businesses and farmers, and also buying in grit. I spent the first Saturday morning working with the volunteers and was certainly impressed with the way so many people were able to achieve so much in a relatively short space of time. The tenacity of the Parish Council Chairman Chris Worrall should also be recognised in sticking with the task, for more information please click here Eastrington Parish Council organised plant and equipment to clear the streets in the village particularly after the snow had become packed and frozen. It was certainly impressive to see the size of the equipment employed and in a very short time a number of key streets were cleared. Parish Council Chairman Rob Martinson and fellow Parish Councillor Gina walker did a tremendous job as did all the others involved. Bubwith Parish Council organised equipment and volunteers and in a relatively short space of time made a significant impact. Well done to Parish Council Clerk Steve Young, Handyman couple Gill and Nigel, the Parish Councillors and volunteers for a job well done. Blacktoft, Broomfleet, Kilpin and Laxton did a sterling job with local farmers toiling to keep the roads clear throughout the Parishes. Newport Parish Council purchased grit for the community to use. Many thanks to the small group of volunteers that spent Sunday morning clearing the footpaths ,and others who have also cleared snow and ice in the village. Other villages and communities did sterling work, and all concerned should be recognised for their efforts. There are countless stories of the good work done by Parish Councils, volunteers and residents. No Parish Councillor is paid to do anything in their community, never mind clear snow. The task has been great and so many have risen to the challenge. There has been some criticism that some paths and roads have not been cleared or the work was not done quickly enough, but by and large the comments have been positive and people have been grateful for the work having been done.


Anonymous said...

You have modestly avoided saying how instrumental you were in Gilberdyke and elsewhere Paul so I will say it for you. For the 4 tons of gritsalt to be spread in Gilberdyke you were wielding a shovel on the trailer to spread the grit and it was your 4x4 pulling it along. You were also out with the scraper on Clementhorpe Road and the shops car park etc.
Thank you as this is very much appreciated.

John in Gilberdyke said...

From my blog immediately after the grit spreading Paul -
Following the Snow and its subsequent compaction into ice on the side roads and footpaths of the village many residents were struggling to get around or even to remain upright in places. East Riding County Council were working flat out to maintain the main routes open and could not give realistic dates for any clearance or gritting of these areas.
The Parish Council purchased gritsalt and by use of a borrowed trailer and Paul Robinsons 4 wheel drive Toyota, community volunteers undertook spreading on the worst sections. The footpath from Wards Hotel to the junction near the medical centre were gritted. Hansard Drive (where even the 4 wheel drive had trouble moving) Greenacre Park, Westbrook, and much of Bellasize were treated before the supplies were used up, stopping work.
This will hopefully enable mums and children to access the school and shops with less risk of falling. It was noticeable that a number of people were quick to thank the team for their efforts but one person seemed unable to grasp that the volunteers were not to blame for the ice and had a good old moan - there is always one!

Anonymous said...
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Chris Worrall said...

I have to say a big thankyou to yourself as well Paul for all your help on the Saturday. Pity a few more people from the village didn't think like those who turned out. I think abit more Community spirit is need and less Health and Safety !! Hopefully with this and the cChrisdingle service Holme is now shwing more Community spirit then ever!!