Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One of Gilberdyke's Main Drainage Dykes (now and in 1970)

Could this be one of the reasons the flood water was slow to drain from Gilberdyke recently?

Little Clough between Blacktoft and Yokefleet, looking from the River Ouse towards Gilberdyke pictured now and also c1970...........

....and looking towards the River Ouse....

....and this is how it was done then

For Lower Ouse Internal Drainage Board click


Anonymous said...

Really interesting.
Just out of curiosity who is responsible for maintaining those Dykes nowadays??

What was discussed at the recent Parish Council meeting and what was the action? Hopefully the state of the flooding and the lack of flood defences/state of the drains etc in Gilberdyke and surrounding area was discussed.


Paul Robinson said...

Good question - The responsibility for these dykes is unclear, I'm led to believe some dykes are the responsibility of the Environment Agency, others with the Lower Ouse Drainage Board...I'm having meetings in the next few days to establish exactly who is responsible for what dyke, and what can be done.

At this weeks meeting of Gilberdyke Parish Council the issue of flooding was discussed at great length...with the end result being to look at working with those agencies responsible to make sure that the situation is addressed. Unfortunatley the Parish Council is limited in what it can do here, but rest assured the Parish Council does not want to see a repeat of the flooding experienced over the last two weeks.

Jan McGeachie said...

Paul - Thought you would like to know I have this morning sent the following to Floods Minister - John Healey MP

I seriously doubt if East Riding's £600,000 windfall will go far unless the drains are updated. Anyone living here can see that whenever it rains, there is always standing water present at the side of many of our residential

This rose to scary heights when we had the heavy rain a few Mondays back but major investment should be concentrated on eliminating the problem so avoiding the heartbreak many have had to endure and in many cases, still are, after the recent heavy rains.

I wrote something similar to Hull Daily Mail adding that the worse is to come when its time again to renew our insurance policies. It doesn't take much to realise that with all the thousands of insurance claims in the area, it's the householders that can afford to insure their properties, who will once again suffer financially when the premiums will undoubtedly be raised.

Thanks again for your interest in this matter Paul.

Jan McGeachie (Gilberdyke)