Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ERYC Cabinet Backs Howden Weight Limit Deferment Option

With fellow Howdenshire Councillor Doreen Engall at the Bubwith Crossroads

The hard work by Howdenshire residents, Local Ward Councillors Doreen Engall, Paul Robinson, & Charlie Bayram paid off, recently the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Cabinet agreed with our suggestion and decided to defer a decision on the issue of extending the Howden Weight Limit, and ask ERYC officers to look into a permanent solution by constructing a link road, to be funded by an off site contribution from the future development of the land north of Howden, possibly bringing forward the projected 2 to 3 years timescale.
Cllr Paul Robinson comments, "I feel a permanent solution to ALL HGVs travelling along Howden’s Flatgate must be found and the decision made by the ERYC Cabinet is a positive step in achieving this goal. To have approved the proposal to extend the weight limit to Howden's Flatgate would have re-routed HGVs through rural Howdenshire villages, not only HOSM, but Bubwith, Spaldington, and Foggathorpe, in effect passing the problem from one community onto others, but would have also had a detrimental effect on both the businesses who would have to have had to foot the extra fuel costs and increased travelling times, and the wider community with the increased emissions associated with lorries travelling the extra distances. This clearly did not fit with the ERYC policy of reducing emissions through reduced journeys.This decision also gives the added advantage of not only taking all HGVs out of the town of Howden but will allow a direct route to the Press Association car park ‘proposed’ for the North of the town, removing even more traffic from Howden’s Flatgate".

Cllr Paul Robinson (Howdenshire) 17th July 2007

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