Thursday, July 05, 2007

Flooded Yorkshire Needs Government Money Not Excuses

The lack of Government money forthcoming for the victims of flooding comes as no surprise, after all Yorkshire has suffered some of the lowest investment in roads over recent years, and or course our East Riding schools have suffered with the fourth and fifth worst education funding in the country during past two years.

It is no thanks to the Government (with its majority of urban MPs) that our East Riding of Yorkshire Council manages to cope in the circumstances like which we’ve seen over the last two weeks - it is credit to the Council itself.

In the aftermath of this flooding I’m sure lessons will be learnt. I will be urging the ERYC to look at ways Parish Councils can be brought into flood prevention and damage limitation. E.g. it may be that Parish Councils can keep stocks of empty sandbags in the future, and make sure that those people who are old, infirm or less able are known and can be helped by teams of more able volunteers from within the community.

It is possible that there still remain some residents who need further help and if any member of the public is aware of someone requiring assistance then they are asked to contact the East Riding of Yorkshire Council via the Floodline, (01482)393399, or by visiting one of the ERYC customer service centres.

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