Monday, July 02, 2007

20 tonne Sand Mountain Donated to Gilberdyke

Gilberdyke Residents filling makeshift sandbags

Local Quarry Humberside Aggregates of North Cave came to the rescue of Gilberdyke, North Cave and Howden by donating and delivering 20 tonnes of sand to each community. Residents were then able to fill makeshift sand bags to protect their homes against the further rains of the weekend. Cllr Charlie Bayram and I managed to locate a small quantity of empty sandbags which we delivered to the most vulnerable properties in North Cave and Gilberdyke. In Gilberdyke no more than a wheelbarrow full of sand remained after 6 hours of the sand being delivered.

On a personal note "It was humbling to see the tremendous spirit of the Gilberdyke residents working together during the crisis, the able helping the not so able, all hands to the few pumps that the housholders had bought, borrowed or hired, and most especially with all the makeshift sandbags"


Paul Buck said...

Paul - Just a little note to thank you for organising the sand for
the flood risk, it was much appreciated by myself and 10 more neighbours
most of which are too old themselves to fill and lay the bags. Myself and 3
more neighbours..and my Dad, made 4 trips with a trailer to the hall to fill
and deliver the bags only to receive verbal from a couple of people for
looking after ourselves... these narrow minded people only had to ask what
we were doing and they could have had help too... Thanks again Paul Buck

Anonymous said...

From the Yorkshire Post. If it was London or the home counties would be declared a National disaster.

''ALMOST 40,000 people in Yorkshire have been made homeless by last week's devastating floods.

By far the worst affected area is Hull, where 30,000 residents are thought to have abandoned their homes or been evacuated.

The leader of Hull Council, Carl Minns, said the need for Government support was now urgent.

He called on Prince Charles, who is expected to pay another visit to flood victims in the region this morning, to visit Hull to witness the "humanitarian crisis" in the city.

In nearby East Riding, 3,000 people have been forced from their homes, while in South Yorkshire around 1,000 people in Rotherham and 1,200 in Barnsley are affected.''

Paul,,, what support are we getting from Central Government apart from words..