Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why I couldn’t support the application for a anemometer (wind testing) mast at Holme on Spalding Moor

An anemometer (wind testing) mast is normally the forerunner to a fully-fledged windfarm. The recent planning application for an anemometer mast at the Gallymoor site at Holme on Spalding Moor was something I could not support, when it was presented to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on which I sit.

I thought the location was not the best on the site as it was too near the neighbouring property, also I would have liked to see more information on wind turbine numbers; height, type and location being considered, and how the anemometer mast fitted in with the complete proposal.

Unfortunately the majority of the Planning Committee took a different view and the application was approved.

As a member of the Planning Committee I have supported applications for anemometer masts on a significant number of sites that have come before us, but conversely I have been unable to support others, these included places such as North Newbald, Sixpennywood and Spaldington.

It seems ironic that the information gleaned from an anemometer mast does not appear to be an important part of whether a wind farm application is to be submitted or not. This was evidenced by the North Newbald application when the anemometer mast was given planning consent at appeal on the 3rd November 2008 - BUT the Council received the application for the resultant windfarm on 3rd October 2008, a full month before the result of the mast appeal was known. Therefore clearly no information from the anemometer mast could possibly have been included in the application.

For this reason I feel applicants could, and should be more upfront with their plans.


Anonymous said...

What was the stance of the other affected ward councillors Paul?

Anonymous said...

What did Holme Upon Spalding Moor Parish Council have to say?

Paul Robinson said...

The Parish Council had objected to the application and were certainly very unhappy with the outcome.

Were you not at the Parish Council meeting???

Paul Robinson said...
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HOSM Resident said...

One of our Ward Councillor’s actually proposed this application be approved!! In doing so going against the wishes of the Parish Council and those that Councillor is MEANT to represent!! Cllr ****** your there to represent us not the ERYC!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The planning application was not for a wind farm, but for an anemomete ONLY.
but I ask should a ward councillor, as you are, vote to support a parish council, East Riding Council, or the ward councillor's own opinion.
There is a very obvious conflict of interest.If that is used to highlight a difference is ward councilors seeking differences.
Have you Paul always followed sheep to the fold or have you stood for what you believe to be right

elector said...

In my opinion the ward councillor if present during parish council discussions (or as a member of a parish council if applicable) should listen to the debate even if not taking part in the decision vote and, subject to the limitations of any declared interest, advise the parish councillors of their thoughts on the matter especially so if these are in conflict with the wishes of the parish council. Do not forget the ward councillor is elected to REPRESENT the electorate and feedback from a parish council is an excellent way of becoming appraised of the local feelings. Similarly the introduction of heirarchal instruction from ERYC party leaders should not be allowed to override the electorates wishes.

Paul Robinson said...

Anonymous – with regard to your rather confusing comment. I always treat every planning application on it’s own merits, I always take into account local opinion, be that of a Parish Council or residents when making a decision – but I also read the planning reports, do my own research, visit the site whenever possible and listen to the debate at the Planning Committee as part of my decision making process.

I’m not sure what you mean by a conflict of interest and quite clearly you do not know me – If you did you would know that I am certainly not a follower, I believe that I'm a very independently minded Councillor, which I hope comes across in the pages of this blog…. which of course are there for you to read.