Sunday, June 20, 2010

Police, Fire, Council & Local Neighbourhood Watch working together on crime and fire prevention

The past two weekends have seen the Howdenshire Neighbourhood Action Team having stands at North Cave Gala and Eastrington Show. This is a great example of organisations such as Humberside Police, the Fire Service, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and the local Neighbourhood Watch working together to listen to residents, book in home fire and safety checks, and deliver messages around crime and fire prevention.

The Police and Fire services also picked up quite a lot of information regarding local issues, as I did as the Ward Councillor. A very worthwhile project, with good results, put on at very little cost to the taxpayer.

(pictured with Gina Walker of the Eastrington Neighbourhood Watch, PCSO Simon Palmer, and Martin Conley from Humberside Fire and Rescue)

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