Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out on the Advance Goole Neighbourhood Programme’s street surgery

As Chair of the Goole and Howdenshire Local Action Team(LAT) I was pleased to take part in another of the Advance Goole Neighbourhood Programme’s street surgeries, this time in Old Goole (I think this is five I’ve done now – but this one certainly carried out in the nicest weather!).

The Street surgeries are an opportunity for a team of local Councillors, officers from Neighbourhood Policing, Fire, and Health, plus officers from a whole range of East Riding of Yorkshire Council services, to spend 2 ½ hours walking around a specific area, meeting residents and identifying issues. It is also an opportunity for residents to chat to members of the team and have a say on local services and local problems.

The issues raised ranged from smell emanating from a local factory, damage to footpaths, potholes, anti-social behaviour, youth provision and littering. The Fire service was also able to arrange a number of home fire checks, which are valuable in preventing fires starting and more importantly how people can escape.

It was also an opportunity to feed back to residents on progress that had been made since the last street surgery in the area.

Useful Contacts are:

Roslyn Abbott, Advance Goole Neighbourhood Team (01405) 837198

Goole and Howden Local Action Team (LAT) (01482)887700

Goole Police 0845 6060 222

East Riding Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team (01482) 396380

East Riding Council Customer Services (01482) 393939

East Riding Council Development Control (01482) 393740

Animal Health Team (01482) 396301

More information on the Advance Goole Neighbourhood Programme can be found at:


Anonymous said...

Which councillors turned out with you Paul?

Paul Robinson said...

Ermm….. unfortunately none I’m afraid, which was quite disappointing.

Anonymous said...

What - none of the Goole Ward councillors were interested enough to join you?

puzzled member of the public said...

I would have thought Pat O'Neil would have been out listening to the concerns of Old Goole residents. In fact I am staggered that someone so "interested" in her constituents thoughts would miss such an opportunity.

Paul Robinson said...

I'm afraid I cannot speak for Cllr O'Neil - I think you would be better raising this with her directly.