Monday, June 28, 2010

Holme on Spalding Moor Village Hall carpark to be repaired and resurfaced

Councillor Matthew Grove the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s (ERYC) Portfolio Holder for Highways and Emergency Planning and I attended a recent meeting of the Holme on Spalding Moor Village Hall Committee to discuss the carpark.

This came after some delicate negotiations, and a lot of hard work by Nick Evans and the Hall Committee; I am pleased to confirm that repairs to the Village Hall carpark are to be carried out by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council as part of the proposed work to be carried out on High Street and Selby Road. The Village Hall Committee entered into an agreement with the Boothferry District Council in 1995 for the car park to be used by the public and some repair work on the car park was done at that time. This agreement comes to an end in October 2010 and in recognition of the arrangement the Council will repair the potholes in the carpark.

The Council have also offered the Village Hall Committee the use of their contractors to resurface the carpark at cost price – obviously this will mean the Hall having to contribute financially to this at an estimated cost of £10,000.00 excluding re-marking the parking bays. This is a huge cost for the Village Hall Charity to fund, and there are no grants anywhere available for work of this kind. Car parks seem to be excluded from every type of grant.

The ERYC have also committed to providing road planings to repair the access road to the playing field running at the end of the Hall.

I am assured that the services using the car park such as the youth bus, ERYC travelling library and others will continue, after the arrangement comes to an end, however the Village Hall Committee will have to review how the car park is used after it ceases to be a public car park. The funding of future maintenance costs will also have to be addressed, possibly through the Parish Council precept, but this will be a decision for them in the future.

(Pictured with Cllr Matthew Grove (Left) and Village Hall Committee Chairman Nick Evans)


Anonymous said...

Its not been pointed out that during the life of the contract with the ERYC the village Hall have been paid by the libary services for use of the carpark, The NHS Breast screening services were also charged each time they came, also the ERYC have altho not often carried out minor repairs and repainted the grids on. So the village hall havent done to bad out of the deal, for the money to come out of the precept would be wrong as not all of us use the hall, it's not the most user friendly building.

Anonymous said...

I think most residents of Holme will recognise your first comment as being from a well known, unpleasant control freak living in the village. He and his despicable chums appear to be waging a war against the village hall. Why? Because it's not under their control perhaps? How pathetic.

The village hall is much loved by many - as shown by the large turnouts for the 50th anniversary events back in December - not that he or any of his unpleasant chums bothered to turn up.

Holme village hall is probably the largest and best equiped in the East Riding and was the first hall in the riding to recive the Hallmark award showing it is well maintained and well managed. Having visited many other local halls I know it's a star.

Perhaps he should remember that the hall was built by local people and many of them and their families are still around. I'm not involved with the VH committee but the one thing I've noted about them is their determination that the hall is "available to all". How democratic. Perhaps he should take note and follow their example

Anonymous said...

Paul why do you allow such rubbish as in the first comment
Holme Village Hall is one of the best in the East Riding and used by many many people.
It's a great asset to our village and the car park is used by even more people including users of the Social Club and Scout Hut

Why aren't they heavily supported from the precept? Because not everyone uses it?
So why are several churches supported from the precept? Not many people are churchgoers
Why are the scouts supported? Only a tiny percentage go to scouts
Presumably he also objects to the World Cup being shown on TV as only a percentage of the world watch it.
And the same for Wimbledon

Bonkers. I think there's just plain nastiness behind the

Anonymous said...

In reply to those comments about my first posting.
1/ i do recognise the hard work put in by the VH Committee, as i sat on the committee many many years ago it is a thankless task they do.
2/As to being a control freak with despicable friends waging a war against the VH Committee, what a load of rubbish. Your trying to blame your conflict with others on a simple resident who felt it should be brought to everyones attention that the VH rightly so charge some users. Remember grant money comes from somewhere originally, usual from the tax payer.
3/ I'm saddened to read that after all my years of service to the community, and of use of the hall i'm now not allowed to give my opinion on matters within that community, My despicable friends and i have done our bit and now won't to enjoy the fruits of our labours and retirement. Now apparently we have no use. What has posting number three done for his community apart from give ill informed judgements!! They should be ashamed of themselves!
4/ Yes the village hall is one of the best in the East Riding and yes it was built by the community, as part of that team of helpers and volunteers i'm proud of what we achieved back then, evidently from your comments some people aren't!!
from a saddened resident!

Paul Robinson said...

I feel it would be in everyone's interest if I was to prevent any more anonymous comments on this post.

I would invite contributors to identify themselves to me via email at: with the hope of having a more positive interchange.

I hope you understand.