Thursday, February 18, 2010

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council needs fair and transparent funding from Central Government

East Riding of Yorkshire ratepayers will have a small rise of 1.5% in their council tax charges this coming year.

The Conservative Controlled East Riding of Yorkshire Council has set a budget for the next financial year of £269 million, which requires a council tax at Band D of £1,212.20. The council tax increase is the lowest ever set by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and will mean that the increase for an average household will be less than £16 per year.

While the costs of providing services in a large but quite sparsely populated rural area like the East Riding are high - as with all Local Authorities the East Riding of Yorkshire Council relies heavily on the Central Government grant for funding; unfortunately over recent years the area has received less and less. At present we receive around £100 per person less than the national average, and significantly less then our neighbouring authorities, e.g. the East Riding gets only £384 per person compared to £600 in Hull. (please see table below)

The formula Labour use is so complicated it is impossible for most people to understand but it adds up to Central Government giving the East Riding a staggering £100 million less that it would if we were funded to the same level as Hull.

The unfairness in Central Government funding also applies to schools, with the East Riding pupils again receiving less funding per head then the national average and also that of our neighbours, e.g. East Riding schools receiving £337 less per pupil than Hull schools. (please see table below)

An extremely positive outcome of the 2010/11 budget is that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be carrying out its biggest ever building or ‘capital’ programme, with £148 million to be spent on improving essential infrastructure like roads, housing and schools. The programme has been boosted and accelerated by the fiscal stimulus of £100 million approved last year which is resulting in the council bringing forward many schemes to assist the local economy and support local businesses.

In addition, the council is undertaking a £33 million programme over the next year, which will see the first new council, homes in the East Riding for many years. Some 275 properties are to be built and more will follow as a result of additional funding that has been secured. This building programme will also help support local businesses, especially the construction industry.

In conclusion, despite being constantly squeezed by lower and lower Central Government funding year on year. The East Riding Council continues to deliver top level, four-star services, investment in infrastructure, and sound financial management, whilst keeping the Council Tax relatively low..... and strange as it may seem we also have a net influx of pupils from Hull attending East Riding of Yorkshire Council's high performing schools.
Please find the following from Prospective MP for Brigg and Goole Andrew Percy:

Submitted by andrew on Thu, 11/02/2010 - 21:01.
Andrew Percy has reacted with anger at an attempt by Labour Councillors to double the Council tax rise for residents in the Goole and Snaith area.
The East Riding Council met today to set the Council Tax for the next year with Labour Councillors trying to force a higher than inflation rise of 3% on hard pressed taxpayers.

Andrew Percy says, "With unemployment in our area still rising, and with the Humber area suffering the hardest from Gordon Brown's recession, you would have thought that Labour Councillors would have wanted to give hard pressed taxpayers a break. Pensioners in particular feel Council Tax rises especially hard, and after 13 years of putting up the bills of pensioners, Labour have clearly learned nothing!

It is only thanks to the vigilance of Conservative Councillors that this year's rise will be kept to 1.5%, well below the current rate of inflation. I don't always agree with everything the East Riding Council does but they have certainly made the right decision on this year's Council Tax.

The East Riding receives some of the worst funding in England from the Labour Government, meaning that keeping Council Tax rises down is no mean feat."


Anonymous said...

Is this really true Paul? I can only wonder how Gordon Browns government get away with this, it is so unfair especially when Hull waste so much of their money

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown has been getting away with things since Labour came to power. Who crippled the pension funds as one of his first actions as chancellor? The man has been an unmitigated disaster since he has been in government and even now he is on his final countdown is steering us further and further up sh*t creek.
"Fair" would be for him to drop dead in the next five minutes

John in Gilberdyke said...

A wonderful bit on the Yesterday channel this morning. Andrew Marr quoted Churchills post war statement "Labours lust for power is matched only by their incompetence"
Nothing changes it seems!

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more with these three comments, the country is a absoulute financial disaster zone, thanks to this government. No identity whatsoever,at europes beck and call, just the laughing stock of the world. You might aswell get Robert Mugabe to come in and sort the job out.