Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Campaign For Faster Broadband Speeds in Howdenshire Villages

Continuing on the campaign for faster broadband speeds in Howdenshire Villages, particularly Holme on Spalding Moor, Newport and Bubwith, the Conservatives have unveiled plans to help make the UK the first major European country that has superfast broadband in the majority of homes by 2017.

Jeremy Hunt, the Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport said "we are currently one of the slowest countries in the developed world for broadband", but with the Conservatives "we'll become one of the fastest".

Most importantly, Mr. Hunt said that under these plans "high speeds will be available not just in our cities but across the rural areas that have been left behind for too long".

Commenting on the plans Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs Jim Paice MP said:
“Our proposals to deliver superfast broadband will benefit town and country, leaving no rural community behind. We will use any underspend from the digital switchover fund to establish a universal broadband network of 2 Mbps by 2012.

This approach could be continued post 2012 if our plans to force BT to open their infrastructure to other operators have not started delivering high speed broadband to even the most windswept reaches of the country.

Farmers are increasingly expected to deal with the Government online so it is incumbent on Ministers to enable them to do this with high speed broadband connections.”


John in Gilberdyke said...

Although Gilberdyke does enjoy Broadband service I hear many comments about wide variations in its speed over a 24 hour cycle. I have seen 5MB/s at times but in extreme it goes down to significantly less then 1MB/s Perhaps some improvement in this service will materialise?

Anonymous said...

Or we could get together and do it ourselves! "A UK village which raised £37,000 to set up its own network offering 200 homes the super-fast broadband that BT could not deliver has been launched.

"Rutland Telecom will offer the residents of Lyddington speeds of up to 40Mbps(megabits per second)."



Anonymous said...

it reems that bt have no plans to upgrade gilberdyke to adsl+2 , while kc have already upgraded and giving speeds upto 24 ,realalising about 16 to 17 as apposed to 6 to 7 max from bt.i will be looking to switch soon
fingers crossed the fibre optics will run through here soon