Thursday, March 01, 2007

Damage, Vandalism & Intimidation at Gilberdyke's disused Railway Hotel

Picture courtesy of the Goole Times

The issue of the Railway Hotel in Gilberdyke has been a concern for local residents as well as Gilberdyke Parish Council since the pub closed a number of years ago. The building was repeatedly vandalised until being boarded up with secure steel sheeting about a year ago which has reduced this. We are told that the building is alarmed and inspected internally and externally on a weekly basis. Needless to say this has not stopped a small minority of the village youth congregating around the building causing a nuisance and engaging in anti social behaviour. These young people are perceived as a threat to many, especially rail users, householders, and older people who feel intimidated.

“For the very few individuals who persist with these acts of wanton damage, vandalism, and intimidation that we have seen occasionally around this building, the only answer is the full force of the law, with the community supporting the Police in their actions”.

“I feel the time is rapidly approaching where the owners need to make a decision regarding the future of this building, to either refurbish and reopen as a public house or find an alternative use”.


Anonymous said...

Well i thought youth shelters were the answer to this sort of problem !

Anonymous said...

I dont think the youth shelters are any better, as i have been intimidated by the youth's / teens that hang around smoking, drinking in the shelters think of all the older people walking dogs past the shelters will get called names and things thrown at,

i still dont think they should on knocked down the railway pub, my best friend's mum got their wedding reception there and think of all the memories.....:( well guess we were too late......