Friday, February 16, 2007

Gilberdyke's Broad Lane to get Double Yellow Lines

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council have now confirmed that Broad Lane, Gilberdyke is to get double Yellow lines along both sides of the road, from the top of the railway bridge to a point after the Warburton’s Site, with a parking bay outside of Wades Cottages.

“The road had effectively become a single line track for a distance of over a quarter of a mile meaning that vehicles frequently met in this section, with vehicles having to reverse to allow the oncoming vehicles to pass. This is great news for the residents of Broad Lane, as well for those road users from Blacktoft, Yokefleet, and Faxfleet who have been inconvenienced for too long”


Alison Cooper said...

“The issue of parking on Broad Lane has become so bad there are times when I struggle to get out of my own drive. Credit should be given to Paul Robinson who led the campaign, and both Gilberdyke and Blacktoft Parish Councils for pursuing the case for double yellow lines, when the ERYC highways didn’t seem interested – It’s great news that we’re going to have the yellow lines in the near future - Thanks Paul!”

Les Waddingham said...

This has got to be good news for all the local residents of the out lying hamlets. Many people have taken to travelling via Faxfleet or across green oak crossing to try and avoid the area. Neither of these roads can stand additional traffic as they currently stand. I wonder if the parking bays could still cuase undue congestion, parhaps there is sufficient space on the adjacent verge to still have two lanes? Anyway, it's nice to see that something is finally being done with this major local problem. What we need now is for someone to work on an appropriate access and egress to the industrial site and take all the HGVs from the village and minor roads but I won't hold my breath on that one. Thanks to GPC, BPC and PR for the work done to make this a reality.