Friday, February 09, 2007


With fellow candidate Charlie Bayram
visiting Gilberdyke School

As a parent of a child at Gilberdyke School as well as the Chair of the School Governors Paul Robinson says “The Labour Government provided East Riding schools with the fourth and fifth worst education funding in the country during past two years. An average East Riding pupil in the school year 2007/08 will receive £464 less than an average pupil in Hull thanks to this Central Government under-funding our local schools.

Despite the fifth worst funding in the country our schools are among the top 10% best performing in the country. It is no thanks to the Government (with its majority of urban MPs) that our rural schools are doing so well, it is down to the dedication of our local teachers, support staff and pupils who, despite Labour’s appalling under-funding, perform brilliantly year on year.
The East Riding Council is in a difficult position. Either it makes cuts to local services or it raises council tax. In the past ALL parties have agreed to protect local services rather than introduce massive cuts to those vital services".

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