Thursday, March 08, 2007

Puddled Painters on Gilberdyke's Broad Lane

Gilberdyke Parish Council consulted the inhabitants of Wades Cottages and other properties along Broad Lane and developed the proposal to include double yellow lines marked along both sides of Broad Lane from the bottom of the Railway Bridge to the far entrance to the industrial estate, with a large parking bay running the full length of Wades Cottages. The parking bay being solely for the use of inhabitants and visitors to the cottages. The Parish Council also requested that the verge on the west side of the road be made good. Consultation was also carried out with GB industries, the owners of Britspace and Gateway Fabrications, who committed a sum of money to East Riding of Yorkshire Council to pay for the yellow lines and hopefully speed up the process.

“Last week, all seemed to be well when neat, straight yellow lines appeared on the East side of the road and the residents happy. A few days later disaster struck, the lines on the West side of the road were laid after a period of sustained rainfall, unfortunately it appears in their wisdom the contractors tried to lay the yellow lines through the resulting puddles. Now the yellow lines are broken with sections missing were the puddles were, and flecks of yellow paint decorate the roadside. Coupled with this, the verge on the West side of the road has not been reinstated and a number of potholes still exist”.

“This is clearly not acceptable and we will be pushing ERYC Highways to ensure that the yellow lines are redone correctly, and every effort is made to repair the potholes and reinstate the verge”.

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