Monday, March 12, 2007

Gilberdyke Groups take CONCRETE ACTION!

With Carl Walton & the Gilberdyke Volunteers
with 'yet another load' of concrete

A great example of cooperation in Gilberdyke has produced a result of which the community can be very proud. At last the road to Ings View Sports Field has been resurfaced, which will make access throughout the year much easier for the public, local sports teams and visitors.

The work has been thanks to a partnership between local agencies, business and groups who committed many hours to get the work done in the shortest time possible. Gilberdyke Parish Council's new funding advisor Charlotte Hursey worked to obtain £3000 from Howdenshire Forward's Rural Target Fund which was then matched by the Parish Council to fund the project. The Parish Council then worked with Gilberdyke and District Leisure Association (GDLA) and its member groups to ensure that the project was completed before the end of the financial year.

Pat Colley, Chairperson of the GDLA said, "Sincere thanks go to all those who helped over the last couple of weeks, and for the generosity of local businesses including; Evans Timber who donated wood for shuttering, 1-2Clear who loaned part of their workforce for 4 days, Poplar Gardens who provided a truck and dumper with drivers, and Viking Builders who orchestrated the final delivery and pouring of concrete".

Parish Council Chairman, Paul Robinson, "It has been a real privilege to witness the progress from start to finish, and the end result proves just what can be achieved when members of a community work together. It has been hard work but really worth it. A particular mention should be made of Carl Walton of Homecare who took a week off work to lead the teams of volunteers and has been present and working hard over the entire project."

Special thanks are also due for the effort of volunteers from the football club, other groups who use the Ings View facilities and the members of the local workforce who performed so many tasks: from preparing the road to providing drinks.

Gilberdyke residents are invited to pay Ings View a visit, especially if they have never been before. They can now reach the sports field from the main road in comfort and will now find it easier to take part in activities there including: outdoor bowls, cricket, football and Scouts.

For further details of GDLA, its long term plans and how to help with future community projects, please contact Pat Colley on 01430 441449 or Paul Robinson on 01430 440659.

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