Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working for Matthew Grove as prospective Police & Crime Commissioner for Humberside

I’m sorry that I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a couple of weeks, and thanks to the people who sent me messages asking if I was ‘still around’ – The answer is a most definite yes!

Many people who know me often ask how I fit everything in – a question I sometimes ask myself!  Although the month of August meant the ERYC was in recess, the Council’s Licensing Committee on which I sit met, as did the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board and many of the Parish Councils in Howdenshire.

Much of my time over the last couple of months has been spent working on the campaign to elect Matthew Grove as your Police and Crime Commissioner come the election on 15th November.  Matthew and I have many things in common. As well as being good friends, we are both East Riding Councillors known for being principled and willing to speak up for the people we represent.  We both have very supportive wives and children, we’ve both set up and run our own companies, and we’ve both found a way of fitting everything in.

Many ask “What are Police and Crime Commissioners?” The Government is asking the public to vote in November for a Police and Crime commissioner who will be responsible for overseeing policing in their local area. This new role is not a new layer of bureaucracy. Instead, PCCs will replace the unelected and unaccountable Police Authority which presently oversees policing locally. 

I have always supported the concept of directly elected officials and have spoken out in favour, and previously blogged about the importance of PCCs. 
PCCs will be visible and directly accountable to the public. In place of bureaucratic control from Whitehall, police forces will be democratically accountable to local people, freeing officers from the red tape which often takes them off the streets. In Humberside this will also mean the PCC being responsible for an £181 million budget.
Police and Crime Commissioners will be public champions in the fight against crime. Chief Constables will remain responsible for operations and the day-to-day running of forces as they are the experts on policing. However, PCCs will appoint these Chief Constables and hold them to account for their record on focusing the local police force on the crime issues people care about. 
The election in Humberside is going to be high profile nationally, and very interesting for us locally. Matthew Grove is your Conservative candidate, whilst Labour have chosen none other than the ‘controversial’ Lord John Prescott of Hull as their candidate.  UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom has also indicated he may stand and has already thrown a couple of ‘punches’ in Prescott’s direction.  This makes for an interesting and lively campaign, but ultimately we have to make sure we get a Police and Crime Commissioner who is equipped to deliver real reductions in crime and antisocial behaviour across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.  We need someone who can be trusted with managing a £181 million budget, rather than a national or international politician seeking a platform to prolong their careers.
David Davis MP has also thrown his support behind Matthew Grove saying; "Matthew has always been a firm believer in justice and strong law and order. As a Cabinet member on East Yorkshire Council he has proven to be very innovative, and has shown an ability to cut through bureaucracy and red tape. As such he has never been afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He has a firm grounding in what is important to local people, and is determined to champion their causes and fight their corner. This coupled with his business background means that he will bring a rare combination of commitment and common-sense to the role of Police and Crime Commissioner, and he is without doubt the best man for the job."
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