Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ERYC solves Gilberdyke drain mystery


Long suffering Gilberdyke residents living along the side of the main road through the village will no longer have to suffer from surface water running off the road and flooding their gardens during times of heavy rainfall.
This has been a long standing issue and despite numerous attempts the problem still persisted, with the route of the drain not being known, having not been mapped since the village expanded in the 1970s.
It was one of those cases often found with drains, (and I should know!) that the logical and shortest route is not always the way drains are installed.  One would have assumed that the road drains would run off into the drain running alongside and eventually discharge into the main dyke (Far Drain) as it passes under the road.  After all, this is the dyke flowing down to the River Ouse into which much of the water from the M62 discharges as well as the village.
Needless to say, with the help from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s highways and drainage sections, including a great deal of jetting with a heavy duty tanker jetter and root cutter the mystery was solved.  When the drain was installed no connection made to the dyke only a couple of hundred yards away, but instead the pipe ran away from the dyke to a manhole at the side of the road where another outlet was found.  A surface water sewer had been installed running taking a convoluted route under various gardens and beneath Hansard Crescent before joining with the main surface water drain running through the village, which then of course runs into Far Drain!
Who knows why the developers didn’t take the direct route in the first place?
The recent rain caused no flooding problems on the road or in the gardens - so both mystery and problem solved!


John Jessop said...

Now we need to get these drains recorded on the village drainage plan and made available on the Parish Council website. Failure to keep proper records and routinely check routes were clear was the root of the problem with most of the village flooding problems we suffered for many years.
(Don't forget there are still routes to be cleared at other places around the village)
Onwards and upwards!

George said...

The route you describe must eventually enjoy the benefit of the new culvert installed last year.
Thank god the flood action group and the parish council drove this project through despite the antics of a few objectors.

U8 Team said...

Paul Thompson said.... I live on the Main Road and our front garden has suffered from this blockage. Having spent a large amount of time trying to get the authorities to unblock the problem we called PR. He immediately knew what the problem was and managed to get the responsible authority in to carry out the work. Am very grateful for his knowledge and tenacity on this subject. What we also need is the other households and the Farming community to make sure they carry out their fair share of Riparian to the adjoining farm land/Dykes facing the M62.