Thursday, August 23, 2012

GCSE results show ‘TEAM HOWDEN’ moves forward… again 2012!

Students at Howden School and Technology College have every reason to celebrate today as they achieved the school’s best GCSE exam results in the school’s history – This was a 5% improvement on the record set only last summer. This year the students achieved the following:

•60% of students gained the government’s prestigious ‘gold standard’ benchmark of 5 x A* - C GCSE’s or equivalent (Including English and Mathematics)  

•78% achieved 5 x A* - C GCSE grades or equivalent.  

•96% got 5 x A* - G grades or equivalent.  

Garry Garghan (Headteacher) commented:  

"We are really pleased with these results – a 5% improvement on the gold standard record that we achieved last year and a 7% improvement on the 5+ A* - C GCSE results.  

Once again, these results are a testament to all of the hard work put in by everyone connected with ‘Team Howden.  I would like to congratulate students, staff, parents / carers, governors, community partners and the LA who have continued to work so well together to help us go from strength to strength again this year.

This achievement demonstrates the good progress that we are making as a school and shows that we are moving ever closer to being the best that we can be. "
As a member the of Schools Board of Governors I have seen the hard work that has gone into achieving these results, not just from the students and staff, but from all those connected with the School as part of ‘Team Howden’. Many will recall that Howden School was in special measures only two years ago and these results today clearly show just how far it has moved in such a relatively short space of time. 

This achievement is testament to the hard work of the many that make up Team Howden, but a team is like an orchestra - made of many talented and hardworking individuals working together. But an orchestra still needs a conductor, and Headteacher Garry Garghan has fulfilled this role and performed as very few could have done.



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