Sunday, July 08, 2012

Using pedal power to save East Riding council tax payers money

My East Riding of Yorkshire Council ward of Howdenshire, stretching to 15 separate parishes is geographically one of the largest in the county, and it does take a bit of getting around. Many will know that over recent months I have been on a ‘journey of enlightenment’ travelling over 2,300 miles on my trusty steed (pictured). Most of which has been over bridleways, tracks and trails, only using the roads to join them up.
These past two months I have taken this one step further and ditched the car and truck as much as possible for council business and pedalled around the area to Parish Councils, School Governor meetings, wind farm meetings, and appointments with residents, admittedly sometimes arriving a little windswept and dishevelled not to mention unconventionally dressed in a day-glo shirt, tracksuit pants and trainers (although I’ve always changed into a clean shirt in order maintain a little elegance!) however, it has certainly provoked many interesting comments, many of them referring to the state of roads and bridleways, potholes, & puddles, which of course I now see at close quarters!
Obviously all this means I’m fitter and healthier, but additionally I have not claimed the same mileage as when using the car – This has resulted in my last month’s travel expenses plummeting to the lowest ever for a normal month – which is a saving to the East Riding Council tax payer.
Please don’t worry, fear not, I’m not turning into some sort of eco warrior and will not be changing my views on so called ‘green’ issues – I’m just enjoying being fitter and inadvertently saving the East Riding taxpayers money in the process.
A certain Mr Norman Tebbit said something about 'getting on your bike' back in '81 - I'm not sure this is what he meant though!



Anonymous said...

Any chance of the other councillors following your example?

James S said...

How interesting - if all the councillors did the same how much would it save us?

Good on you though Paul I have noticed you've become much thinner, and now I know how you've done it. Well Done and don't go too 'green'

Kev Owen said...

It would be good to see several of our elected representatives shed a few pounds, not only off their waistlines but their expense claims too.
Perhaps we should make a a few more rules before anyone can become a fully fledged councillor...
A candidate must ...
A. Own a bicycle
B. Know how to back-pedal (lots have this this 'skill' already)
C. Be under 1 stones in weight (includes females)
D. If elected must cycle the highways and byways of their constituency without a saddle so as to realise the shocking state our roads are in more readily.
E. No 'weebles' need apply
Well done on losing all the extra 'stuffing' Paul...just don't overdo it.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed Paul! How have you done it?

Kev Owen said...

Paul, that should read "Be under 12 stones in weight(includes females)"...there are far too many 'lightweights' as it is!