Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Matthew Grove Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate visits Howden Show

Welcoming Matthew Grove, Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Humberside to Howden show.  Almost everyone we spoke to said "anyone but Lord John Prescott and that they wanted a Police Commissioner for the whole area not just for Hull"


Vic said...

Anyone but 'Lard Prescott' best of luck Matthew Grove!

Daisy Duke said...

This guy looks a better bet that "Boss Hogg" Prescott. This should go to a person like Grove who can connect with people. We don't want Prezza on Look North every night shouting at the camera whilst Peter Levy hides behind his desk...

Paul Robinson said...

Many thanks for all the comments - almost all of which I can't publish as they are too insulting to John Prescott and because of the 'code of conduct' that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council imposes on me prevents me from doing so in case 'I bring my office or authority into disrepute'. If your comments are less insulting then I can publish - and please no ‘Mark Twain’ quotations (you know who you are)!

Eastro's Finest Rocker said...

Wouldn't want you to get into further bother Paul - especially for that rather portly, big mouthed Hullite language mangler (and failed politician) - having met Matthew he really does come across as the ideal candidate for the Commissioner for our area. Why on earth would we want an ex Hull MP for the role, what’s he know about rural areas like Eastrington?

Kev Owen said...

So, we are to gain another tier of police management when at the grass roots numbers are dwindling.
Do we actually want or NEED these American style 'police commissioners'?
To my mind the answer is a resounding 'NO'. Honestly, haven't we learned anything? Look at the NHS...we introduced Trusts and further tiers of managers managing managers who had no idea which end of a syringe was the sharp end, and look how the NHS is faring now...trusts going bankrupt and moral on the 'shop floor' at an all time low, wards closing, services being cut left,right and centre...need I go on?

All the information on the P&CC subject is at pains to point out that a P&CC will not 'politicise' the police force, yet we see POLITICIANS or political party sponsored people putting their names 'into the hat'. How can this not be 'politicising' the role?
I fear for our police force, and worry that it will become a mate for the NHS, merely another political pawn on the Whitehall chessboard.

Anyone but John Prescott said...

Nice to see Gilberdyke Parish Council rejecting the ERYC code of conduct and going for the Government's model code -

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Please check the link:


If Lord Prescott cannot detect malpractice in his own family, what chance has he detecting it within the police?


Tony Lewis