Sunday, July 15, 2012

Environment Agency to consult with residents over Gilberdyke Landfill Site

Concern has been raised over an application by Gilberdyke Tip operators City Plant Ltd to vary the conditions of the permit under which they operate.

The reality is that tipping of waste at the site is coming to an end this was confirmed by Kevin Wanlass of City Plant on Friday, and again yesterday, who said that the tipping of waste on the site will cease in some 4 months’ time.

This is evidenced by figures provided by the company to the EA showing that as of last week there is only some 55,000 cubic meters of void space left to fill. The tipping of capping and landscaping materials will stop some months after that.The proposals being put forward by City Plant Ltd are now out for consultation with the local community, who have until 17th August 2012 (previously 10th August) to respond.

The variation of the permit will not extend the life of the site. Its main purpose is to show how the operator proposes to complete the site and bring it towards closure.The proposals have been communicated to residents via an EA Newsletter delivered to houses in the area. Although the weighty application document has not been widely accessible, it is available in electronic form.
The main variations requested by City Plant Ltd are:
· They want to increase the amount of waste which they are permitted to bring onto the site every year from 70,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes.
· They want to alter the contours of the site as described in the permit. This would enable them to keep the contours of the site as they are now. They also want to install gas engines as part of improvements to the gas management of the site (to generate electricity from the landfill gas).
The consultation is on the second of the above with the first, regarding tonnages, being somewhat retrospective as the original draft proposal was put forward by City Plant Ltd as long ago as last November. Quite clearly we have seen HGV movements over recent months well in excess of those expected if tipping was limited to 70,000 tonnes per annum. In fact vehicle movements to the site have been slowly falling over recent weeks. The levels of up to 20m that are being asked for are broadly those as of now. These were enforced by the EA at the beginning of the year.

There are some new issues around how the site is to be capped off using a geotextile type bentonite carpet or membrane covered with topsoil rather than the clay capping and top soil approved currently. There are also some changes to the landscaping, and there is the installation of the generators that are to utilise the landfill gases for the next 25 years or so, all of which I have concerns about and will be looking for independent reassurances.

The company appear to want to get the generators up and running as soon as possible to start raking in the cash – it is my understanding that for them to do this the site will have to be capped and formally closed off.

In a nutshell it appears the Environment Agency’s leaflet has created undue concern, when in fact the request to increase the tipping from 70,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes per year is more like a crossing of the t’s and a dotting of the i’s.

City Plant Ltd has also confirmed that the long awaited planning application to regularise the height and contours of the site and a restorative plan are to be submitted to the ERYC next week.

I am told that both the application to the EA to vary the conditions and the planning application contain the same facts, figures and drawings unlike previously, and I hope that this time both can be dealt with simultaneously and without any contradictions.

I have a copy of the application submitted to the Environment Agency by City Plant Ltd which I can certainly email to anyone who wants it – but please beware this is a long and somewhat technical document.

A public meeting is to be held on Wednesday 18th July at 7:30pm in Newport Village Hall to enable a community response to the request to vary the EA permit conditions be formulated and agreed.


Helen said...

When were the EA leaflets delivered to the villages? As I have the 'pleasure' of living on Thimblehall Lane, having my house shaken on a daily basis by the HGV's and I have not recieved a leaflet from the EA. Infact I havent had a news letter from them for a few months either.

John in Gilberdyke said...

The risk assessments and information quoted begin with a disclaimer. This is probabky fortunate as a cursory first read through reveal glaring errors.
The EA local officer made a particularly ridiculous remark about the pollution of adjacent dykes in one meeting and I have grave misgivings in any process of examination if the level of nous in the EA staff with this task is similar.

Anonymous said...

Is there a meeting this Wednesday (18th July) in Newport Village Hall, as reported in the Hull Daily Mail?

Paul Robinson said...

Yes, 7.30pm start.

Anonymous said...

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