Sunday, February 05, 2012

Gilberdyke & Blacktoft snow clearance measures go exactly to plan

Last evening we saw some 100mm of snow falling across the Blacktoft and Gilberdyke area, the snow began to fall in the late afternoon and continued into the early hours. Gilberdyke and Blacktoft Parish Councils had put together a joint plan after the serious snow of last winter, and based on the weather forecast and information from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) put the appointed contractor on standby, a local farmer (Martinsons from Blacktoft) with a 4x4 tractor fitted with a snow plough. Last night these measures put in place went exactly to plan.

The important lesson learnt from last winter was that it was essential to clear the snow from the roads as soon as possible after it fell, and before it became compacted by moving vehicles. Both Parish Councils accepted that the ERYC gritting and snow plough teams had responsibility for the primary highways and would be unlikely to plough the Parish roads, therefore they put together their own plan.

After a quick ring around, the Parish Council’s triggered the plan at about 10pm last night when it was evident that there was enough snow to plough away. The contractor, Andrew Martinson, then worked through until approximately 4.30am clearing the snow as it fell onto the roads in and out of the Parishes. After a few hours break Paul Martinson then took over for the morning shift, starting just after 8am.

This went exactly to plan and the roads in and out of the villages are now wet and more or less clear of all snow, whilst roads around other villages are still covered with compacted snow, although this is now thawing.

The cost for this is shared between the two Parish Councils, and will hopefully be reclaimed from a winter maintenance grant.


John in Gilberdyke said...

Thankfully the snow has stopped falling and rain is the most likely follow up if the met office have got it right for the next couple of days.

robert williamson said...

It was pleasing to see andrew martinson passing at 12 midnight and 12 20 am sunday morning clearing snow which was a very good help.For your info andrew lives on greenoak road and paul at yokefleet so your description of martinsons of blacktoft clearing snow was not quite right.Also on visiting the gilberdyke shops after the snow I was very pleased to see someone had gritted in front of the newsagents and supermarket where as last time no one did anything while you got involved and got things moving for which I and many other people where most grateful.

mum said...

The footpaths in Gilberdyke are a problem. Some (few) residents have cleared the path outside their house quickly before the snow was repeatedly walked on. Most simply ignored it which resulted in a skating rink.
There is also a problem created by an inconsiderate few who park their cars astride the footpath. Some of these seem too idle to use their own driveway?
Mothers with prams and pushchairs are compelled to walk in the road to detour around the obstruction.