Friday, February 03, 2012

Goole area MEDiBUS now available in Howdenshire to take people to hospital

At the recent meeting of the Goole and Howdenshire Community Partnership, Parish Councillors from Eastrington and Gilberdyke raised the issue of the changes to the East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) number 155 bus running between Elloughton and Goole.

Residents have also approached me directly, and I share their concerns about getting to appointments at Goole hospital and/or their GP surgery following changes to this bus service.

Susan Oliver from the Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council (H&WRCC), who is the voluntary sector representative on the Partnership, has looked into this and the options available and provided the following information.

I am pleased to say that the Goole area MEDiBUS is available to take people in our area to hospital and medical appointments. Medibus provides you with transport from your front door to morning clinic or early afternoon appointments and transport home after your appointment.

It operates Monday to Friday and passengers are picked up at home. Pre booking is essential, and must be done no later than the day before a person needs to travel. However, most people book the service as soon as they know when their appointment is.

Fares are charged for the service but concessionary passholders travel free.

Although MEDiBUS has been operating in parts of the East Riding, for a number of years, the Goole area service is relatively new, and not everyone will be aware of it. We have asked for leaflets about the service to be delivered to shops, garages, etc. in the villages concerned, and this information should be out there within the next few days.

The telephone number to book (and for further information) is 08456 44 59 59

or visit:


grey and proud said...

This is a useful option but its a sad indictment on modern society that people cannot make their way to the doctors surgery or to hospital without an official transport service. What has happened to good neighbours, friends or family if the patient is not mobile enough to get there for non emergency calls?
The older generation cope far better than the welfare generation it seems.

Anonymous said...

I have just read a letter about the service from Gilberdyke resident. I think the message must have become garbled along the way as it makes no sense in the second part. I read it several times before I gave up in bewilderment.
From the title it seems to be against the service but has no constructive proposals or suggestions.

ex Goole schoolboy said...

Grey and proud speaks a lot of truth. Too many people think the state should do everything for them. It has bred a gimme generation.
Having said that the bus routes seem to have little logic. If the Gilberdyke bus to Goole turned into western road it could stop at the end of gatesby road, leaving a short walk to the hospital. Alternatively it could turn up gatesby road and stop near the hospital entrance then proceed to the woodlands and turn towards town, emerging onto boothferry road by the level crossing. The outward journey could retrace the same route. The old lincolnshire road car buses ran this route in the 1950s & 1960s