Saturday, February 18, 2012

From fat at 49 to fit at 50

Way back last July I set myself a couple of things that I’d like to do by the time I was 50 (this weekend). I'm sure you’ll be pleased to know I missed both of ‘em..

I set out to lose 60 lbs in weight - I missed it - I lost 61 lbs during the past 32 weeks!

I set out to do 50 km on my mountain bike on road, track and trail in one hit – I missed it by 2 km and did 52!

Many have asked me how I managed to do this and what was my secret - for me it was:

1. Find the reason why
2. De-clutter your mind
3. Eat less and eat well
4. Cut out beer
5. Drink 2 glasses of red wine daily as a reward
6. Find an inspirational coach/trainer and a good gym, and buy a good bike
7. Create a playlist of motivational music and work out to it - in my case it included this, this, this and this
8. Don’t listen to those who say you can’t do it, or you’ve lost enough already, or you look ill.
9. Break down your goals into 'bite sized' pieces then be determined and single minded about achieving them
10. Enjoy the journey

Many thanks to the staff at the ERYC Goole Leisure Centre gym and in particular my coach Alysia Mason (pictured) for making me believe I could do it!


Wind Weary said...

Well, you know the Government dogma concerning targets! Once met, don't stop, go on and do more.

Which is why the East Riding, and the Head of the Humber in particular, is fast turning into a giant wind farm.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! but please remember when to stop - otherwise if you continue losing around 2lb per week, in 18 months time there won't be any of you left. By all means keep up the fitness, but eat a little more again, please.......
We NEED you!