Sunday, March 06, 2011

Subsidised buses from Bubwith and HOSM to Woldgate College to continue

As a result of many Holme On Spalding Moor (HOSM) and Bubwith parents raising the issue of the continued funding for the school buses from the villages to Pocklington's Woldgate College, I called a meeting with the College Head Jeff Bower and Business Manager Hugh Peake, and ERYC transport and education Officers to thrash out a solution to enable the subsidised service for pupils choosing to attend the College to continue.

A resolution was reached which means the current arrangement where pupils pay £180 per year is extended for the next academic year 2011/12, and which fits with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s (ERYC) policy for bussing pupils into a school from outside the catchment area.

The Head confirmed that this will be a “rolling arrangement subject to review each year”.

The College has accepted responsibility for those pupils travelling on the bus from HOSM and Bubwith and will continue to recover funding from them as at present. It is important that the College be accountable for organising the allocation of places for HOSM and Bubwith children, as this will ensure that the buses are operated in a controlled way.

There are two buses involved: 1W that serves Bubwith through to Holme on Spalding Moor and 2W that has been rerouted to pick up in Holme on Spalding Moor.

Parents must inform the College of those HOSM and Bubwith pupils who wish to travel on the bus 1W (to a maximum of 38), and those HOSM pupils who wish to travel on 2W bus (maximum 28). The college will then need to provide the ERYC with names, addresses, DOB and photo ID by 19th August, 2011.

The ERYC will send out bus passes to home addresses prior to the start of the autumn term.
A strict no pass no travel scheme will be operated. If there are more than 66 passengers’ alternative arrangements will need to be made by the College and parents as no additional pupils will be allowed to travel on these buses.

As we have seen during the present year, some pupils will no longer wish to travel on the buses leaving spaces for those that do. At any time over the year if a pass is returned another pass can be issued to another pupil.

“This is certainly a good compromise with parents continuing to have choice as to where their children are educated whilst contributing a nominal amount for the transport cost, with the College picking up the remainder and the ERYC taking care of the tendering process and some of the administration – a great example of what can be achieved by sitting around a table and working out the issues.”

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Anonymous said...

Why should there be a subsidised bus from Bubwith to Woldgate. Woldgate is not in the catchment area for Bubwith. This will come to light on the next intake, and what will happen then when coffers are stopped and parents are left paying for a bus and having to split the bill between less pupils, as intake from Bubwith will be stopped. I know first hand there will be some rapped knuckles from Woldgate trying to poach students from other catchments.