Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Laxton Flood Relief Scheme Moving Forward

The flood prevention scheme for Laxton is moving ahead, as a member of the Lower Ouse Internal Drainage Board I have continued to press the case for Laxton and Eastrington.

I am happy to say that at this time the scheme has so far survived the axe and the money is still in the budget with the Environment Agency. The Engineers employed by the Drainage Board have over the past couple of weeks been taking levels and measurements in Laxton.

The scheme is important as it involves replacing the existing tidal door with one that is less prone to jamming, increasing storage capacity in the dykes, and a system for pumping the water into the river rather than just the gravity outfall we see at present, meaning that the surface water can enter the river at all times rather than be dependent on the state of the tide.

It will also ensure that the levels in the dykes surrounding the villages can be lowered to create a fall through the system, ensuring that the flood risk to Laxton and Eastrington residents is reduced.

(Pictured with Laxton Parish Council Chairman Win Collins)


Anonymous said...

None of the concept of drainage is rocket science so why has the situation not been dealt with before now?
13th Century monks and serfs knew how to maintain dykes so why can't 21st century supposed professionals do the same?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Laxton doesn't have anyone obstructing progress with fantasy and vendettas against the Parish Council