Sunday, March 13, 2011

North Cave litter pick yields almost 50 bags of rubbish

A litter pick was carried out on sides of the B1230 as it passes through the village of North Cave, this as part of the ‘Wallingfen Way Project - a scheme to improve and develop the road as it continues through the villages of Gilberdyke and Newport as well as North Cave.

Many thanks to the 21 people who gave their time free of charge, including Parish Councillors, members of North Cave in Bloom, First Responders, the Womens Institute and other people who took part in wanting the village to be clear of unwanted litter and rubbish. (you're all great!).

We collected almost 50 bags of litter, plus a lot of other rubbish, including goodly amounts of vehicle parts.

I am told that my 2½ hours raised £16.68 in matched funding from the LEADER programme, with the other volunteers achieving the same. This money has been made available for this worthwhile project and will be initially spent on landscaping, and the planting of shrubs and trees along the B1230 through our villages.

The Coast, Wolds, Wetlands and Waterways LEADER funding programme was launched in April of last year. The area covers most of the rural East Riding of Yorkshire as well as parts of Ryedale and Scarborough.

Special thanks to North Cave Parish Council Chairman Steve Skipsey (pictured) although not able to pick up the litter, played a key role in organising the morning’s activities.

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Kev Owen said...

I applaud your efforts Paul, isn't it amazing just how much rubbish one can find if one looks for it?
Mind you, it is hardly unexpected you found so much when you see rubbish bins in lay-bys full to overflowing.
Or refuse collectors watch unconcernedly as a good portion of the contents of a wheelie bin end up on the floor instead of in the wagon and is left to get blown about, because it isn't their job to pick rubbish up off the floor!
Or the mindless instruction that refuse collectors must only take away rubbish that is enclosed completely within a wheelie bin.
Then we have those who couldn't care less about dropping that fast food wrapper or that empty fag packet or drinks can or the council sweeping machines that only seem to sweep those places that don't need sweeping or don't have the vacuum part of their wagons turned on and simply scatter the rubbish instead of sucking it up....
What I'm getting at is we all play a part in making our countryside the rubbish tip it is fast becoming. Yes even those who go out picking up rubbish to make a point of it being a rubbish tip!
In my humble opinion, the best way to tackle the problem is to allow those who are paid to take away rubbish to do just that and to educate people into putting rubbish into bins and those bins be emptied regularly.
Forget the landfill cost targets, lead by example and clean the rubbish up!