Saturday, February 05, 2011

Yorkshire Water working in Eastrington to reduce flood risk

Yorkshire Water contractors have really progressed since starting work on a project to reduce the flood risk to a number of properties in High Street, Eastrington and, hopefully, to reduce the pressure on the sewage system elsewhere in the village. The work is expected to last for 3 to 4 months in total.

High Street was closed for a period of time and there was also a period of one way traffic, controlled by traffic lights, whilst new drains were installed.

(pictured on a visit to the site)

The Yorkshire Water Scheme involves the installation of two large underground storage tanks along the eastern boundary of the playing field. They will be used to store excess water at times of heavy rainfall which will then be pumped back into the drainage system at a controlled rate when the pressure on the village sewer network reduces.

On completion a small control cubicle, vent pipe and manhole lids will be all that is visible. The playing field will be returned to its original condition and Yorkshire Water has said they will do everything possible to avoid any disruption for the playing field users and that Eastrington Show will not be affected.

As a temporary measure the main ingress into the village hall and car park will be through the entrance known as Jubilee Gates, which will lead also to an area of additional parking places by the cricket score box. It is hoped that by using care and consideration during this period that damage to the field will be minimised, and that once the work has been completed the entrance, driveway and car parking area will be back to normal.

“I am led to believe that a small amount of compensation will be payable by Yorkshire Water and current expectations are that this will be used to improve the village hall car park.”

“Whist appreciating the inconvenience to road users, especially those like myself that forgot the road was closed; the permanent benefits to the properties to the west along High Street would appear to outweigh the minor disruption. Having seen the flooding to some of the properties, and water coming up through the manholes and running down High Street during times of heavy rainfall in the past - I certainly welcome this work.”

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