Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sutton Bridge Weight Limit causes increased HGV movements in Bubwith, Holme on Spalding Moor, Harlthorpe and Foggathorpe

Many will be aware that after the work was undertaken to the bridge at Sutton on Derwent a temporary weight limit was imposed. Residents have confirmed this has resulted in increased HGV movements through Bubwith, Holme on Spalding Moor, Foggathorpe and Harlthorpe as many of the lorries leaving the Breighton Airfield Industrial Estate travelling north to York now travel through these Howdenshire villages on their way to join with the A19 or the A1079.

This weight limit on Sutton Bridge is temporary and of an experimental nature, and can, but does not have to run for a period of up to 18 months. The first 6 months of the experiment allows for comments, objections or letters of support to be made to the legal order for the weight limit which is in place.

I certainly do not support this ill thought out experiment, and would like to see it removed as soon as possible.

During the last few months many comments have been received by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council both in favour and not in favour of the limit.

Once the 6 month mark is reached (in the middle of March) comments will be reviewed and further discussions will take place with York City Council at this stage to further develop a way forward.

If you wish to comment, object to, or support this weight limit please pass on your comments to Paula Danby (the ERYC Officer dealing with this), by email at or writing to Paula at: County Hall, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA.

To re-route HGVs through rural villages such as Bubwith, Holme on Spalding Moor, Foggathorpe and Harlthorpe not only passes the problem from one community onto others, but also has a detrimental effect on both the businesses that have to foot the extra fuel costs and increased travelling times, and the wider community with the increased emissions associated with lorries travelling the extra distances. I do not think this fits with the ERYC policy of reducing emissions through reduced journeys.


Anonymous said...

this must be yet another reason to examine the provision of a bypass for Howden such that the B1228 make a direct connection to the A614 or even a connection from North Howden to Barnhill on the A63.

John Jessop said...

A lot of good intentions seem to have become lost along the way. There was supposed to be a road from the M62/A614 roundabout across to Barnhill when the M62 was built. This would have been an ideal point to continue from Barnhill across the low lying land on a raised causeway to North Howden and would have given total relief to Howden from the Brieghton and York HGV traffic. It would also have relieved the Thorpe Road industrial sites.
Maybe one day?
A direct link from the M62 roundabout to Howdendyke Glucose Factory was proposed by Tate and Lyle when that factory was built, but permission for the link was withheld. What a pity as the river wharf, E-Buyer, and Wren Kitchens traffic would have completely avoided the rural roads if it was present

Chris Irish said...

Since the introduction of the weight limit at Sutton there has been a significant increase in heavy lorry traffic through Bubwith.

Bubwith bridge was worked on some 18 months ago but did not appear to have been strengthened. We actually overlook the bridge and it is not uncommon to see three large articulated vehicles on the bridge at he same time--yes it can and is done. 120 tonnes ? wow on a bridge designed for much lighter loads?.

Outside the entrance to the new Dyon Way estate in Bubwith there is a recognised pinch point caused by BT cables and associated access. The increase in lorry traffic means these vehicles are meeting at this point more and more frequently. They will not fit or pass each other without the east bound lane running over the verge and laid out grass works. Tread marks are clearly visible and the kerb stones crushed.

Children waiting for the 8 am buses have only a narrow pavement to stand at the west end of the village for their buses to the East and are in constant danger of being run over should they step off or be pushed off the pavement.

The blind corner in the road eastbound in the area outside the post office on main street with associated legal car parking again is a significant danger as lorries brake heavily as they come upon a narrowed carriageway with cars on both sides of the road.

We strongly object to this increase in traffic which is polluting and dangerous and does not fit with published earlier plans for lorry traffic movements in the Howden/Bubwith/Sutton on Derwent area

Chris and Janet Irish, Bubwith