Monday, February 28, 2011

Y-us? - A Charity devoted to supporting family members suffering as a result of a loved one’s drug abuse

1 in 8 people are seriously damaged by a drug addict in their family

But they are very unlikely to admit it!

Y…us? is devoted to helping and supporting the millions of family members whose lives have been devastated by one or more of them succumbing to long term hard drug addiction.

Its priority is to provide an environment where members and appropriate guests can communicate or meet in a caring, supportive and secure environment, exchange experiences and suggestions, gain comfort from the knowledge they are not alone, and realise that life can be worth living once more. It also provides training and information as to how the style and content of their communications with the addict can significantly help or hinder long term recovery.

Angie Chalkley (pictured above), has for 16 years battled with the crippling effects of her son’s addiction to heroin. She did not cause it, she cannot cure it and she can’t control it, but it has ruined her life and that of millions of people like her. Addicts have plenty of ways of seeking help, their families have virtually none!

Angie says,

"A few months ago I created Y-us?, a Humberside Charity devoted to supporting family members suffering as a result of a loved one’s drug abuse. Due to the stigma involved these people are largely unseen and unheard, but their numbers are huge.

I desperately want to work with people across the region to help improve the lives of thousands of people like myself, while giving partner organisations a chance to contribute to and enhance their profile within their community. Some of you will no doubt already be aware of the TV, radio, newspaper and magazine pieces that have spread the Y-us? message. There are many promotional opportunities available, and our strong media and political presence means we can together create a win/win result. "

You can learn more at, then please contact Angie to discuss how you can work together at Y-us?

p.s. If you have sympathy for this cause, please do send this message to your own database of contacts to spread the word.

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See Angie's interview at Humber TV with Valerie