Monday, September 13, 2010

Opening of the year at Goole College.

In my role as Chair of the Goole and Howdenshire Local Action Team (LAT) I was invited, along with Andrew Percy MP and Goole Town Councillor John Frost, to attend the opening of the year at Goole College. It was great to see all the students, many on their first day. Andrew gave a short speech saying how he remembered vividly his first day at college some 16 years ago, as he said this I was casting my own mind back even further, some 32 years, to my first day at Harrogate College.

Pictured with Elaine McMahon, Andrew Percy MP and David Caldicott)

Andrew also related to a previous visit to the College and volunteering (?) for a haircut, well as you can see from the photograph it was perhaps me that should be volunteering this time.

Elaine McMahon the Chief Executive and College Principal gave the students a very warm welcome and spoke passionately about the College, and how proud she was of it's excellent OFSTED rating. After a chat to some of the students we were invited to sit down with Elaine and Centre Manager David Caldicott for coffee, croissants and plum jam made from the fruit of the tree outside her office window.

The conversation was very frank and wide-ranging, including student funding, Adult Learning Grants, building on the links with local businesses, immigration, and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPS).

I promised to revisit the College in the near future to work with Elaine, David and other staff to explore ways of how the Local Action Team can help the College in building partnerships, not just with business, but also the Police, Fire Service, NHS and Voluntary Sector.

Andrew Percy MP said he would also look at how he could help with other issues raised.

It is not surprising that under the leadership of Elaine McMahon and David Caldicott, and the commitment of the staff, Goole College is rated so highly by OFSTED.

(Photograph courtesy of Sean Stewart)


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