Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hull, Scarborough & East Riding LEP - Let's make the area a great place to do business!

With all the uncertainty over public sector cuts and the future of our economy it is entirely logical that a number of business leaders across the Humber region have real concerns about a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) comprising of Hull, Scarborough and the East Riding of Yorkshire - but does not include North and North East Lincolnshire.

Until the government decides exactly what LEPs will do, it is understandable why some people are still very unsure and skeptical as to what it will mean to them, and why many believe that a Humber focused LEP would be preferable to the Local Authority areas of the East Riding, Hull and Scarborough joining forces.

It we look at Goole, there are strong connections not only between Goole and North Lincolnshire, but also with Doncaster and West Yorkshire, with businesses trading with other businesses and people travelling from one area to another to work.

In the north of the East Riding the business connections between Bridlington and Scarborough are equally as strong, and in the west we see the same relationship between Pocklington and York.

The relationship between Hull and the East Riding is very strong in terms of business, travel to work and culture, no better example then when it comes to football with Hull City receiving a great deal of it’s support from the East Riding.

My understanding is that the LEPs are intended to be LOCAL, about PARTNERSHIP working, but most importantly about ENTERPRISE.

LEPs will be business driven, designed to facilitate enterprising people and businesses working together to strengthen, enhance and rebuild our local economy.

Business does not and should not have boundaries and I welcome the opportunity for the private sector to take responsibility for running significant aspects of our local economy. After all businesses want the best opportunities for business.

There are many other forums were businesses presently talk to each other and work together and I’m sure this will continue.

I firmly believe that forging links with neighbouring LEP’s, but also wherever they are in the UK will be an extremely important step forward in helping Goole and Howdenshire to become an even better place to live and work.

The Humber Estuary is vital to our economy and Goole is extremely well placed to take advantage of the opportunities it brings. Our inland location and ready access to the country’s central road network be it north, south, east or west places us in a great position to help drive the new Local Enterprise Partnership forward.

So does an East Riding, Hull and Scarborough LEP mean that we will cut our ties with North and North East Lincolnshire? Of course it doesn’t, put simply, it gives us the chance to work together to forge economic links in new and smarter ways.

There are many unanswered questions about Local Enterprise Partnerships, but before we are too quick to judge, let us see this as an opportunity not a threat and rather than wait to be told what to do, let’s take the initiative to work together like never before to make the Goole and Howdenshire area a great place to do business.

For me, as with most things, the glass is certainly half full when it comes to Local Enterprise Partnerships


Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit of joined up thinking could see the restoration of a rail link from Hull to York?

HallmarkSolicitors said...

We always welcome any opportunities to promote local business or local business opportunities.