Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goole College Consultative Forum

I was invited to be part of a new Consultative Forum at Goole College and today we had the first meeting, which turned out to be especially enjoyable and very constructive. The more I see of Goole College - the more I am impressed with what I see, particularly the forward thinking demonstrated by Gary Warke the Deputy Chief Executive and David Caldicott the Centre Manager – the glass is certainly half full when it comes to the future.

This is typified by the relationship the College has developed to deliver the ATA (Automotive Training Arm) for BMW in nearby Thorne. This is a move away from the concept of College education having to be delivered in a College building – I certainly feel education can be delivered in many different ways and not necessarily in a formal educational building or establishment, and if this can be provided effectively and efficiently in partnership with business it is surely one way of delivering the same, or more, for less money.


Les & Sandra Waddingham said...

An nice to see that there are some practical engineering skills to be learnt by the students instead of just media related courses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Goole can start to look up again? Its not that many years ago the town had a shipbuiding industry, two mills, a chemical works, decent rail connections to its docks, road hauliers and a thriving town centre.
Since the demise of the industrial and commercial base the town lost its self respect and became a run down shadow of its former self. Lets hope getting the youth into engineering education is a start.