Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Onward March Of The Machines

People recently travelling along the M18 will not have failed to notice the massive wind turbine towers soaring over Thorne and Moorends – these bladeless monsters are remarkably reminiscent of those large aggressive robotic beasts, terrifying people and attacking communities in the film ‘War of the Worlds’.

Fully functional tri-bladed monsters have already advanced to our western border, where they stand over and intimidate the good people of Airmyn from the far side of the River Ouse, this stealthy advance to our border allowed and approved of by our neighbours.

Somewhat larger second generation monster turbines are already on their way to invade Howdenshire from the south, they plan to march into Sixpennywood, between Gilberdyke and Howden and cast their long shadows over Balkholme, this invasion was approved by the previous government’s appointed Planning Inspector against both the will of the people, and ERYC Planning Committee.

Shortly after we will see a further approved invasion, this time from the north east as the tri-bladed monsters make their way down from the Wolds to settle menacingly above Sancton, spoiling the much valued view of the hills, and no doubt paving the way for further invasions from the north.

It may be that before this advance from the north east is fully realised, we see an approved outpost established just outside Holme upon Spalding Moor, as two huge humming tri-bladed monster centurions are erected to guard the Gallymoor landfill site.

Needless to say a powerful and well-funded invasion on the southern front was halted by a courageous rear-guard stance by the village of Spaldington, who last year went into battle against not one, but two wind farm companies seeking to build giant wind turbines at each side of their small village. To fight this battle the community raised in excess of £80,000 to enable a courageous leader, Barrister Tina Douglas & her team of expert witnesses to be employed, and under this leadership, true grit, fortitude and the British bull-dog spirit shone through, and by putting together a fantastic case at the public enquiry, the result was that one wind farm application was thrown out by the Planning Inspector and the other conditioned in such a way that the turbines will not be able to operate at full capacity because of noise. It was an honour and a privilege to charge over the hill into battle alongside those brave Spaldington warriors.

One would have thought the Spaldington warriors had gone through enough and deserved a break, to lick their wounds, take time to reflect and to recoup their financial losses, but alas warfare is never like that. I received notice just before Christmas that more invaders from the south were on the march, this time planning to bypass Spaldington and group at a place further north towards Holme upon Spalding Moor and Foggathorpe. A letter from RWE npower renewables informed me that they had recently started to investigate the potential for wind farm development on land North of Spaldington around Gribthorpe and Arglam, and that they would be submitting a planning application to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for an anemometer mast.

The company acknowledges that it is aware of the recent ‘Battle of Spaldington’ and has learnt from it. They have studied those applications, and they are giving careful thought to how their proposals would fit with the consented wind farm. They also state that they are taking into account the reasons for refusal for the Spaldington Common wind farm to ensure they can work with the community and key stake holders to design a wind farm that is suitable for the area. They then purport to recognise the importance and sensitivity of the recent decisions…. Is this the action of a desperate enemy trying to lull us into a false sense of security one wonders? But they will ignore at their peril the fact that the ‘Spaldington Warriors’ are only resting, rebuilding and rearming for any future challenge.

We should also not forget the threat from Goole Fields, for there is also a great army of huge tri-bladed monsters ready and waiting to be amassed south of the River Ouse, and stacked in rows to intimidate us from over the water.

But as in that great ‘Terminator’ movie franchise, the forces for good have been able to capture and reprogram not just one, but two of the tri-bladed machines, adopted and renamed by the Children of Howden, and now working for the good of Howdenshire as they stand proudly over the water treatment works at Loftsome Bridge. With each turn of their mighty blades the water we drink is pumped and purified.

The largest of the tri-bladed machines are to be placed off our coastline, which will hopefully serve to protect and guard us from any 'further advances' emanating from the EU.

My message is, we have to be vigilant, we have the knowhow gained from the ‘Battle of Spaldington’ and we have the determination - but we also have the confidence that the monsters have a lifespan of only 25 years and we can outlive them – just like we can outlive the career of the Climate Change Minister!


John in Gilberdyke said...

This "invasion" as you describe it requires some serious, effective defence and a determined leader. Churchill was the man during WW2 and we require someone with the same grit, force of character and the Bulldog spirit. Our first line of defence SHOULD be the East Riding Planning department but despite all the failings demonstrated at the Spaldington Appeal Enquiry has there been any progress whatsoever in the East Riding setting up minimum distances to properties and the many other factors which could be used in the armoury?

It is long past the time when this state of affairs can be allowed to continue and the council leadership should immediately adopt an "Action this day" approach.

Anonymous said...

I talked to a friend who'd taken his grandchildren to visit a windfarm. They'd been told in school how great they were.
They were scared - said it reminded them of the War of the Worlds film - "monsters striding across the countryside killing everything" - their words not mine.
Also while they were standing near a turbine tower it emitted a terrible screeching noise (suspect it was the brakes coming on) - they ran away in terror thinking the turbine was going to fall down.
We must all stand and fight this terror together.

Spaldington Operations Centre said...

Our experience gained from the “Battle of Spaldington” shows that when a determined community works together we can overcome the greed and might of multinational business. Almost everyone in Spaldington “did their bit”, from those who provided the delicious cakes at the fund raising events, donated raffle prizes or however much money they could afford through to those who gave up their time analysing every word in the volumes of misinformation submitted first to ERYC and subsequently to the Public Inquiry and those who faced the enemies across the battleground in Goole Council Chambers. Spaldington is also very mindful and grateful for the support we were given from the surrounding Howdenshire area - our MP David Davis, MEP Godfrey Bloom and ward councillor Paul Robinson; the parish and town councils who objected to the planning applications and to the many individuals – family and friends who supported the STOP campaign. It might not be exactly what David Cameron had intended, but this was the “Big Society” in action!
Spaldington has learned a great deal from the events of the last 3 years – we now have the experience and contacts, and we know how to find the weak points in the enemy’s battleplans. We are not prepared to allow our homes and countryside to be trampled over by these huge white elephants in this fruitless quest for green energy.

Wind Farm Warrior said...

I have it on good authority that the reason why they have not yet put the blades on at Tween Bridge wind farm (Thorne) is because they still haven’t been able to sort out the interference with the radar for Robin Hood Airport!!! The audacity of these wind farm companies who ride rough shod over local opinion, ignoring all objections and pleas to take their monster turbines elsewhere, now appears to extend so far as to go ahead and actually build a wind farm before the agreed mitigation has been fully implemented. I understand that they are trying to overcome the radar problems by using a “patch” from another radar (named “Little John”) sited at Hibaldstow which apparently has to integrate seamlessly into the normal radar to overcome the interference caused by the Tween Bridge turbines………. I for one am no longer prepared to fly from Robin Hood Airport with this mishmash of a system controlling airsafety!
Examination of planning documents submitted for Goole Fields (due to commence construction any day) show that on 2 Dec RWE npower renewables sent a letter to ERYC saying “Please be advised that a detailed scheme of mitigation has been agreed between RHADS (Robin Hood) and RWE It has been agreed that a “patch” consisting of the required additional radar information over the Goole Fields wind farm will be integrated into RHADS Air Traffic Control system from the Hibaldstow radar … to mitigate the potential impact of the Goole Fields wind farm on airport operations”. Then 3 days later another letter was sent to replace the first in which the words “although its implementation remains subject to the requirements of Condition 26 and also requires the cooperation of other wind farm developers” were added after the previous first sentence and continues “The scheme would comprise a “patch”…”! This puts a rather different perspective on the status of the “patch”. With the number of wind farms around Robin Hood Airport its radar looks like becoming a patchwork quilt !
RWE npower renewables are now looking into the potential for a wind farm north of Spaldington. We have heard another developer discounted this site due to interference with the radar for RAF Linton on Ouse, and the Seaton Ross turbine was restricted to 68m for the same reason. MOD have stated in their response to the 80m met mast at Welham Bridge that they “could have concerns should this site be further developed into a windfarm”. Have we got yet another wind farm site that RWE are going to ignore air safety concerns and try and bluff their way through? Or will they do the honourable thing, stop wasting people’s time and money and go away NOW?

Anonymous said...

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