Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beagle Farm plans thrown out at appeal

The Robinson's have a beagle called 'Lou' (pictured above), she is a great friend and very much part of the family.

I am therefore very pleased that a company breeding beagle dogs for animal experiments has lost its case at appeal. The US Company B & K Universal was originally refused permission to expand its facilities at Grimston in the East Riding of Yorkshire by the Council's Planning Committee. This after it sparked public outcry, many letters and emails, and increased security at County Hall on the day of the meeting.

The Company which had been seeking consent to breed up to 2,000 beagles at a time for experiments, has now been told by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles that its application has been rejected.

Great News!


SteveG6i7 said...

Paul I am sure Lou is a great dog and a great friend, What concerns me here is the fact that two of my children would now, in all probability be dead if not for animal testing.
I am no fan of bunnies having hair spray squirted into their eyes to see if it stings or gorillas being tested to see in agent x kills, when its constituent parts are potassium and er cyanide.
However as the son of a research chemist who brought beta blockers,and many other drugs to market, I can assure you that without animal testing a majority of the drugs in common use today including the anti-biotic, that cured Molly's meningitis and the myriad of drugs used to stabilise and treat, Max's Hydrocephalus, including masses of drugs used in theatre whilst having his shunt fitted, and the actual mechanics of having his shunt fitted.
That you cheer for this rejection may well go down with well with those people who cannot differentiate, between the Lou's of this world tied up in a box and made to smoke woodbines, and the countless number of well cared for animals that know no better but through whose use many millions of people go onto to live healthy productive lives.
This rejection has not saved 20,000 Lous from being tested ... it has merely stopped their breeding in thios country and fataly , stopped the ongoing work of companies such as Astra Zenica, Glaxo Smith Kline,Roche, doing this essential work in this country.
The Work will continue, but not in this country.
So we loose many many badly needed jobs, in an industry that made and will continue to make massive contributions to the economy of this country,and unfortunately the dogs that will be used will now be bred overseas in a country who doesn't give two figs for animal welfare, so the 20,000 Lou's you have "saved " here are now condemned to a life of cruelty and misery in another country.
Animal Testing is not nice, however to safely bring these drugs to market, to enhance and in fact save the lives of so many, it is an essential step in the necessary Licensing of new drugs.
I love animals, but I thank God ( A being who you or may not admit to ).... but to say the least am very grateful to the animals that gave their lives so that the drugs used were available to save both Max and Molly... and in no small part myself who nearly died twice on an operating table and but for practices tested in "Lab Conditions" would no longer be here.
Animal testing for cosmetics? No Thanks ... For Drug and medical testing ? .... Essential...
Steve Greenhalgh

Anonymous said...

Paul , what people choose to believe is the big industries who are making millions out of breeding and vivisection, these people have been made to believe that animal testing is good, its brought more problems than anything, steve was wrong, marshall farms B&K already have outfits in italy china the US, Its not law to use animals its just quicker to get drugs on the market, the real guinea pigs are humans, hence 197'000 died last year alone with adversity to drugs that were passed safe on animals, its a back up plan or insurance , babies dying in third world countries through vaccines that GSK have been tested on, Animals are bad models and if you put the profits aside you will see the technology we have now is far superior to using animals, the vivisection industry who employ other companies to manipulate the general population to thinking our research is groundbreaking should look at whats happening now, no cures just ADR' they are proving them selfs wrong more and more everyday and are doing they utmost to put away the people that are finding their lies,

Anonymous said...

Steve is telling lies, and i bet you he works for understanding animal research, anything to protect their dirty secret and to protect their profits of vivisection,

Anonymous said...

well beagles and other animals do not have same genes has us so most exprements are pointless i would rater be tested on my self than a helpless dog rabbit monky mice and others animals at least if they test on us we would have a say in it labs are scum and need closein down nobody knows wat goes on behined them doors sick sick tv has proved it and so has you tube people beating dogs and stuff