Saturday, May 07, 2011

Paul Robinson re-elected in Howdenshire

Many thanks to the 2,640 Howdenshire people who gave me their vote on Thursday, enabling me to top the poll by 297 - and along with my two Conservative Colleagues, Doreen Engall and Nick Evans elected to represent you on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the next four years. It was humbling to receive such great support from all the 15 Parishes that make up Howdenshire.

The Conservatives also did very well across the East Riding as a whole with us gaining many seats, to now hold 53 of the possible 67 seats.  (For the results please click here)

I would also like to thank all those people of my home village of Gilberdyke for their support in re-electing me to the Parish Council as part of ‘TEAM GILBERDYKE’ and congratulations to the other ten members who were also elected. We set out our priorities and now we have to look to deliver on them over the next four years.

I would like to thank my wife and daughter, family and friends for their support, my team of supporters and helpers – and in particular my agent, Victoria Aitken.

I also recognise those people who did not vote for me in either of the elections and will strive to work for, and represent them too.

I have always said that I would be “Howdenshire resident’s representative on the East Riding Council rather than the Council’s representative to them” – this is what I will continue to be.

The work continues with a number of issues having to be worked on this weekend.

Once again thank you to the residents of the parishes of Gilberdyke, Newport, North Cave, Hotham, Broomfleet, Blacktoft, Laxton, Kilpin, Eastrington, Spaldington, Wressle, Holme on Spalding Moor, Foggathorpe, Bubwith, and Ellerton and Aughton for again putting your faith in me.

(Picture courtesy of Sean Stewart)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul

scottc2206 said...

Yes congratulations, now make my vote worth it by making the changes that we need in our community. Make them swiftly, make them with the public in mind and don't be afraid of making a change!

Wolds voter said...

Maybe we should be the ones to be thanking you Paul. You have done more for the parishes in your ward than any other councillor for many years. Please carry on the good work.

robert williamson said...

Congratulations on being re elected as a councillor for howdenshire for the next 4 years.You have done a lot of good work for the last 4 years for the residents of this area.I was particularly grateful for your efforts for clearing the gilberdyke scalby lane shoppers car park and the main routes through the village during the very bad weather we all experienced in the winter just gone.well done!