Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Campaign is Over

So the campaign is over, the last leaflets are delivered and people have been canvassed, and now it’s up to the electorate – many, many thanks for all that have helped us in Howdenshire, but also thanks to all those who offered me their support, especially my friends and family.

I wish all my friends who are standing for election tomorrow, for whichever Party (or Independent) the very best of luck – I’ve seen the time and effort you’ve put into your campaigns – well done!

Finally to all those living in the wonderful area of Howdenshire - I would really appreciate your vote tomorrow!

For those living in Gilberdyke - my fellow Members of TEAM GILBERDYKE and I would also appreciate your vote.

... and finally and not forgetting a vote for NOtoAV.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cast my votes this morning. You can rest assured that Team Gilberdyke had my full approval. My county council vote was not yours I'm afraid but I promise you it definitely was not the red rosette guy