Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gilberdyke Parish Council says No to extending the life of local tip

At last week’s meeting of Gilberdyke Parish Council the members decided to oppose the planning application to extend the life of the Gilberdyke Landfill Site on Leatherdog Lane.*

Eleven Newport residents attended and were given the opportunity to put their concerns to the members. It was accepted that over the long years of operation of this particular landfill site there had been many complaints to the Parish Council, and it was believed complaints had also been to the Environment Agency.

The Parish Council agreed that the site should be allowed to run until November 2011, then for operations to cease for good, but raised concerns that the amount of traffic, the size of the lorries, and the fact that long hours during the 6½ days the tip is open is affecting the day to day living experiences of the residents on Thimblehall Lane and through the village of Newport. Concerns were also raised that HGVs were also using other routes to the tip including Newport’s Mill Lane.

The Council also raised concerns regarding health and safety in respect of litter from the tip being allowed to blow over the surrounding land and nearby properties.

It was demanded by the Parish Council (not requested) that a classified vehicle count be conducted at the entrance to the site, to indicate the size, type and number of vehicles using the site and at what times, and this should be done immediately.

In conclusion Gilberdyke Parish Council requests that both parts of the planning application be refused and use of the site ceased for good in November 2011.

(*As an ERYC Councillor who presently sits on the Planning Committee that will ultimately decide the future of the site, I took no part in the debate or the decision making – so as not to pre-determine my position which could prevent me from voting on the application as a Planning Committee Member)


Stig of the dump said...

The tip has served a purpose but created a nightmare for its neighbours both near and far. It should never have been granted any extension whatsoever and we demand that it is finally coming to a close. The environment agency need to sit on site from now until November and the ERYC planning committee need to stand up for the local residents.
However the local residents need to individually and frequently kick up holy hell about it until it is closed for good. forget the English way and take a leaf out of the French farmers book of campaign action which they adopt whenever they are aggrieved. (As with stopping cheap imports of lamb in the past)

Once I had a tidy garden said...

Time to close this abscess once and for all. Ratchet up the campaign to close it.
Everyone should email to say I strongly object to the planning application to extend the life of the tip at Leatherdog Lane and demand that it be refused.
Do not leave it to your neighbour or hope the petition on its own will be sufficient!

Roy Hunt said...

I was told that the application is bound to be approved by ERYC Officers because it sits well within the limits of what can be approved. Does the Planning Committee have the power to have this particular application brought before them to stop Officers doing as they often do, which is to overrule the views of Parish Councils?

Once I had a tidy garden said...

To Roy Hunt, I understand the aplication has already been called in for consideration by the planning committee by our very own councillor Paul Robinson. Why don't any other county councillors do as much for the public as he does?
Have YOU written your individual emails or letters of objection to pete ashcroft AND symon fraser?