Thursday, July 22, 2010

Howdenshire Policing Update

Please find the latest Howdenshire Neighbourhood Policing update.

I will be Chairing the next meeting of the Howdenshire Police and Partnership Community Forum which is to be held tonight at Howden School starting at 7pm.

1. Priority

Issue: - Anti-social behaviour on Scalby Lane, Gilberdyke

Action: - Following complaints of Anti-social behaviour the team are actively working to reduce incidents of this nature in order to improve the quality of life for the residents of Gilberdyke. Anyone witnessing anti-social behaviour is asked to call in with details. Howdenshire Neighbourhood Policing team will aim to respond to all calls for service in relation to this priority. Any incidents that are not attended will be investigated and followed up by the team.

Positive action will be taken against anyone engaging in anti-social behaviour.
East Riding of Yorkshire council anti-social behaviour team also investigate reports of anti-social behaviour the 2 teams will be working together along with other agencies to target the issue. Howden and Howdenshire Neighbourhood action team have also recently completed an anti-social behaviour project.

A local youth who was charged with criminal damage to a window in December will appear at Beverley youth Court on 27th July, this same youth has since been charged with further offences including another criminal damage he will appear at Goole Youth Court for these further offences on 17th July 2010.

2 further local youths have been charged with an assault, which occurred on 8th May, they will appear at Goole Magistrates Court on 30th June 2010.

Regular patrols are being conducted in the area and an anti-social behaviour workshop has been done at Gilberdyke School by Police Community Support Officer Simon Palmer and East Riding of Yorkshire council anti social behaviour officer, Lisa McClure.

An Anti-social behaviour order has recently been obtained in respect of a local youth; any breaches of this order will be dealt with positively.

2. Priority

Issue: Anti-social behaviour, Eastrington Ponds

Action: -
This new priority has been set after reports received from Eastrington Parish Council and members of the community have reported anti social behaviour around the area surrounding the ponds.

The behaviour has included littering, drinking and general lack of respect for the environment.

High visibility patrols have been increased by Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers, and these will continue, officers will speak to those using the area and ask them to be respectful.

Anyone found offending will be dealt with in a positive manner, bins are provided at the site and users are kindly asked to use them.

It is important that anyone witnessing anti-social behaviour reports it to the police preferably at the time it is occurring, we will aim to attend all reports and those we can’t make it to we will follow up and try and identify those involved so we can deal with them. Work will continue with East Riding of Yorkshire Councils, anti social behaviour team, and letters will be sent to parents of those engaging in anti social behaviour, anyone committing criminal offences will be dealt with in a positive manner.

3. Priority

Issue: - Underage drinking on the playing fields at Holme Upon Spalding Moor

Action: - A small number of reports have been received from residents of Holme Upon Spalding Moor that youths are drinking on the playing fields in Holme Upon Spalding Moor.

The team have increased foot patrols on the field and alcohol seizures have been made, the patrols will continue and youths in attendance will be spoken to about underage drinking and the consequences of it.

Residents are reminded that the playing field is a designated no drinking area which means that no-one can consume alcohol there whatever their age. Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers will require anyone with alcohol in their possession to surrender it, anyone who refuses commits an offence.

Licensing officers have also contacted local off licenses and advised them on selling alcohol to underage people and to be wary of adults who may be buying alcohol to supply to youngsters. Anyone selling alcohol to youths or supplying alcohol commits an offence and positive action will be taken in all cases.

Parents are asked to be aware of where there children are and what they are doing when they are out on evening, anyone drinking alcohol puts themselves in a very vulnerable position.

Officers will also use new powers under Policing and Crime Act 2009, which allows prosecution of youths for persistently possessing alcohol in a public place. Offenders can receive fines of up to £500.

4. Offenders brought to justice

The police and ASB team have worked together and as a result a local youth is now subject to an anti-social behaviour order, any breaches of this will be dealt with in a positive manner.

A Gilberdyke youth has been charged with criminal damage after a window was damaged by a snowball, he has appeared at Goole magistrates and pleaded not guilty a trial was due to be held in April 2010, but has been adjourned. The case will now be heard at Beverley Youth Court on 27th July 2010. This same youth has now been charged with other offences including a further criminal damage charge he will appear at Goole Magistrates court on 27th July for these offences.

A local male and female have been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm following an incident in Sandholme in July 2009, where the victim was assaulted by 2 people one of whom had a baseball bat, the male was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon.
Both have appeared at Crown Court in June and an update will appear on this site when available.

A local male has been charged with assault and criminal damage following an incident at the Black Swan, Eastrington, and the male appeared at Goole Magistrates Court on 2nd March 2010, and pleaded not guilty to the offence a trial he will return to Goole Magistrates court on 22nd June 2010, the result of this case will be updated on the site when available.
This same male is currently on police bail on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle.

On 13th February 2010, 2 officers were travelling home from work along the A614 towards Howden, when they saw a caravan being pulled by a Mitsubishi Shogun, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and following a number of crimes in the area they thought this appeared suspicious. The officers followed the vehicle and alerted their on duty colleagues, the shogun and caravan stopped in the Pollington area and the male driver who was alone was arrested for theft of the shogun from the Lancashire area and theft of the caravan from Barmby Moor, he is currently being held on remand till his trial on 22nd June 2010. An update will be published when available.

On 23rd February 2010, a female from Eastrington, called police to report a road traffic collision on the road between Gilberdyke and Howden. Officers attended and located a vehicle in a ditch but the driver had left the scene, it was believed the driver may have been in drink officers eventually managed to locate the driver after members of his family had tried to hide him. The driver and a member of his family were both cautioned for obstructing a police officer and the driver has been summonsed for driving whilst over the limit.

A male from Blacktoft has been charged with theft, robbery and possession of a prohibited weapon, this case will be held at the crown court and a date is still to be fixed for the trial. This same male has also had his vehicle seized in April by HM Revenue and Customs for using illegal diesel.

Officers from the NPT have been actively targeting areas where regular complaints are received from residents with regards to speeding vehicles and several drivers have been given verbal warnings, endorsable fixed penalty notices or reported to court.

Areas visited include; Thimblehall Lane, Newport, Station Road, North Cave, Main Street, Bubwith, Back Lane Holme Upon Spalding Moor, Station Road, Eastrington and A614, Foggathorpe.

2 Gilberdyke youths have been charged with an assault, which occurred on 8th May, they will appear at Goole Magistrates Court on 30th June 2010.

On 12th June 2010 a male was stopped by officers near to Ellerton, this man has been charged with a drink driving offence and will appear at Goole Magistrates court to answer the charge.

A Howden youth will appear at Goole Youth court on 14th July, after officers were called to the Blacktoft area following a report that youths were riding bikes in an anti social manner. The Youth has been summonsed for taking a motor vehicle without the owners consent, driving with no insurance or licence.

A further youth also had his bike seized.

A Gilberdyke male appeared at Goole Court on 28th May 2010, following an incident on Station Road on 7th May. The male was convicted of assault and a public order offence and was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £80 costs.

A male has been issued with a police caution for section 5 Public Order Act after a road traffic collision in Newport on 8th June. The caution was issued after the male was excessively abusive towards the other driver, he later apologised for his actions.

Following a series of flashing incidents which occurred in Howden between 11th June and 18th June, enquiries were made and PC Tennant quickly identified a male suspect for the offences.

This male was arrested on 20th June 2010 and was remanded in police custody to appear at Goole Magistrates Court the following day.

The male has been bailed by Goole Magistrates court with conditions to attend Goole Police Station 3 times per week and observe a curfew between 2100 and 0600 each day, the male will reattend court on 30th July 2010

5. Meetings

You are invited to attend any of the below meetings:

Police Surgery: Means: an opportunity for you to meet privately with a member of the neighbourhood team to discuss any policing issue of concern. This is a drop-in event so you may have to wait a few minutes.

Police and Communities Together Meeting: This is a public meeting where the police and other public authority representatives will be present. Its main purpose is to determine what the local priorities for action over the next three moths will be. It gives members of the public an opportunity to raise their concerns and influence those decisions.

Street Briefing: This means that the whole neighbourhood team will be briefed on current problems in the area and tasked to deal with them. The public can meet with the officers and be informed about how they can help with these issues.

Type: Police Surgery
Venue: Howden Library, Shire Hall, Market Place
Date: Monday 26th July 2010
Time: 5pm to 7pm

Type: Police Surgery
Venue: Howden Library, Shire Hall, Market Place
Date: Monday 23rd August 010
Time: 5pm to 7pm

6. News and Appeals

Summer home security

With the warmer weather it’s easy to forget about home security, but traditionally the summer months mean an increase in burglary. By following some simple steps you can help to protect your home and belongings and still make the most of the summer. Don't give a burglar a break this summer.

Many burglars target only empty homes. If you are going on holiday or even if you’re just out at work all day, try to make it look like someone is home and don’t advertise your absence. Use time switches – available from most DIY stores – to switch on lights, radios and other appliances when you’re out or away.

If you’re going away, get a friend or neighbour to collect your post, draw your curtains and make your home look lived in.
If you are taking your car on holiday, ask a neighbour to park in your drive. Remember to cancel milk and papers.
Write your home address on a piece of paper and keep it inside your suitcase. Make sure your address isn't visible from the outside.
Hide financial documents and keys – if someone does break in you don’t want them to also steal from your bank account or take your car.

Don't leave windows open and doors unlocked when you are in your garden enjoying the hot weather.

As well as tackling the local priorities the team have been busy with crime prevention work. In partnership with the neighbourhood action team a number of events have been organised where members of the public can access crime prevention materials and advice. If anyone would like a visit at home to discuss crime prevention issues please contact the team so we can arrange a suitable time.

Anyone with any information about crimes within the Howdenshire ward are encouraged to contact the local Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0845 6060222 ext 2243

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