Thursday, July 15, 2010

Howden School and Technology College placed into ‘Special Measures’ by OFSTED

Howden School and Technology College has been placed into ‘Special Measures’ by OFSTED following the recent inspection. As an ex-pupil and a parent whose daughter is to start her secondary school education there in September I was shocked to hear this. I have frequent contact with the School both as a Councillor and as a member of the Gilberdyke School Governing Body whose pupils feed into the School.

I recognise the problems, but I am reassured that the measures being put in place by the Local Education Authority will see the rapid improvement, we have seen in other schools who have been in a similar situation, and that Howden School pupils will benefit from this almost immediately.

The Local Education Authority has acted quickly and appointed a new Executive Headteacher and Acting Headteacher, and I have every confidence in the School’s ability to move forward quickly and to move out of special measures within a year.

I look forward to my daughter and her fellow pupils who start the School in September, as well as present pupils, receiving an excellent education as I did all those years ago.

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robert williamson said...

Being a parent of 2 children in year 9 at howden school I realised certain aspects of howden school where not as good as they should be but it nevertheless came as a big shock that the school was so bad as to be placed in special measures which is a view shared by a good number of parents that I have spoken to.Tonights meeting was a positive one with the new executive headteacher and acting headteacher.Lets hope the school improves soon.
The ofsted reports states that the school has been in decline for 3 years and information on a respectable website I looked on says a school in special measures usually takes 4 to 5 terms to come back to a respectable standard.
It seems to me that my children will have had a very mixed education with a poor one at howden school in contrast to a very good one at gilberdyke primary school.